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  • Hi -

    I think I might have found a use for a weather compensator on a thermal store - But I don't know whether its possible... If you could find some way of controlling the blend temperature flowing from the thermal store to the radiators (by combining two feeds one from top of tank one from bottom) and blend down to whatever temperature the compensator thought necessary, then surely this would be a good way of using a weather compensator to avoid depletion of the heat in the store...?

    I am just starting out designing my own system - oil condensing boiler, wood stove, solar thermal, connected to a thermal store. I am a complete novice, but I am trying to get my head around it all! Please tell me if I am off my trolley!?!?

    I read with great interest your posts 1 year ago regarding your thermal store, and was well impressed with both your logic and the final outcome. However i am having difficulty visualising your final solution exactly, do you have a drawing of it anywhere that you would be willing to post online?

    Hi Gordon, Ive fitted an advance TSi170 thermal store and its not performing to spec, can I pick your brains on it as its doing my head in, boiler cycling, poor recovery, not enough hot water.
    Alan (Geezah)
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