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  • I have a very old Fermax handset in my flat which is not only paint splattered and very tired-looking, but also 'buzzes' a lot (intermittently) when in use. The intercom system feeds 6 flats in the block, which is part of a building with 15 flats. I'm not sure whether ALL flats share the same system but there are 3 separate door entry systems (6/3/6) - hope that makes sense!
    What I'm after help with, is whether I can simply buy a new Fermax handset and copy the wiring from the existing ? ? . . . . Also, is there any fear of messing up all 6, or even 15, intercoms if I do something wrong!
    Another also . . . . can you get handsets in silver, to match our soon to be new light switches and sockets
    Any help appreciated
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