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  • Hi, Had 2 lots of people out - basically only get someone with a gas analyser as useless without it. Has a person out with this who found all settings were out and reset. OK for 5 weeks then banging again! Next got an Ariston Agent out (use Ariston web site to find yours) - he had a problemas the MORON who fitted the boiler fitted it too close to a wall (on the left side) so he could not get to it and could not service it fully. He managed to partly clean the 'probes' and its been better for 2 weeks. You could try this. Besically everyone charges £60 + vat per hour so you are best getting an Ariston agent if you can as other people say "Duh, I've not seen one of these before" and spend ages reading your manual (at approx £1 per minute!!!). You might be able to clean the probes yourself -follow the manual as ours were very dirty. Obviously you need to make sure that you are qualified to do this/know what you are doing (have to say this to avoid legal action!!!). If unsure get an Ariston man out or a man with exhaust gas analysing equipment (they don't all have these as they are very expensive and have to be reset etc each year. Without this piece of kit an engineer is useless! Good luck (with the 'probes') and let me know how you get on.
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