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    Loft Boarding Questions

    Thanks - I still haven't quote worked out how I do it process wise, I was planning on lifting all the insulation then making my way installing legs from the furthest side to the closest side - however if the insulation is still there, I'm going to either need to start closest to the hatch and...
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    Loft Boarding Questions

    Ah sh&t. Appreciate you telling me of the danger, but now I'm thinking how I could do the job. The fibre insulation is covered thick over the loose vermiculite like insulation - however from all the videos I've watched, they all say to roll up the fibre insulation to uncover the joists for which...
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    Loft Boarding Questions

    Hi, I'm a fairly competent DIY'er and looking to board my loft myself. However havent done it before and had a couple of questions. 1. (See photo) When investigating some of the rolled insulation, I found some loose fill material - upon Googling, it seems this is additional loose fill...
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    Holes Too Big For Bolts? Do I use Anchor Resin Too?

    Thanks all. I'll keep with the expanding bolts - if the current 14mm dont tighten, I will buy some 15mm/16mm and drill slightly wider - ensuring I keep my arm straight and true which should be easier with a 14mm pilot hole so to speak
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    Holes Too Big For Bolts? Do I use Anchor Resin Too?

    So I'm fixing an awning to the side of the wall, it required 14mm size holes - however due to difficulity getting leverage drilling up high, my arm wobbled a bit - end result is when I go to put the bolts in the holes, they aren't tight enough to need a hammer - I can push 4/6 of them straight...
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    Extend Dishwasher Compression Join

    My dishwasher compression joint, doesn't allow the hose to be fully tightened because the thread is kinda short I guess and then the plastic on the hose gets in the way of flicking the blue switch up vertically. I planned to get around this by extending the compression joint - which I know is a...
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    What To Do With This Gap After Concrete Base Poured

    Evening, so I had a concrete pad recently done. When I dug the original site out - I went a bit wider as I wanted to get some 'good' tree roots out. Now the pad has been done, there are 2 sides where there are sizeable dips around the concrete pad (see images) I was just planning on filling in...
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    Monkey Bars

    Thks. You think ordinary fence posts will do for the horizontal posts? Was going for 100x100. Yes my daughter will grow out of them, but they'll be good for a few years and I did promise her.
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    Monkey Bars

    Evening, I am looking to make some monkey bars for my daughter who is 11. I am going for a low key pair of monkey bars like the ones in picture 1, however I intend to use extra support as in picture 2. I had 2 questions I'd like to ask: 1. I assume for attaching the vertical run to the...
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    Spirit Level For Garden Shed Base

    I'm doing a base for a shed and want to make sure it's perfect. Its a 10ft x 8ft shed base. I've done the framing and checked its square - it has the same measurement from the corners. When putting the spirit level down on the middle of each side, the spirit level sets perfectly in the middle...
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    Mixer/Plate Compactor Hire - Protect Theft

    Any tips/guidance for protecting against theft when hiring a mixer and compactor? The tools will be in my back garden with a 6ft gate which has a simple padlock on it. Council estate, very public and well lit, so prob very very low risk.... However just now looked at some prices of plate...
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    Quick fire concrete mixing questions:

    I’m a mixing newbie and doing a shed base (10x8) all by myself. I’m a fit and strong guy, but still know I’m in for some body aches after. I had some quick fire questions it would be good if someone could answer pls: · For mixing order. I understand best solution is to add ½ water, ½...
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    Is 150mm Depth Enough For This Soil?

    Doing a shed base myself, using patio slabs. Intent is for a 10x8 shed, which will house bike, some weight equipment, approx. 150kg worth of stuff plus me when I train in there. Was going for 150mm deep, filled 100mm sub base Then mix builders sand and cement (with a paddle mixer and builders...
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    Is My Understanding And Diagram Correct

    Hi, Going from ceiling rose to modern light fitting. Ceiling rose is pic 1, light fitting connection pic 2. How I intend to connect is pic 3. I intend to make use of connector lever boxes and a piece of wire from the light fitting into the connector boxes. Am I right? If I need to amend, can...
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    Which 3 Wires Out Of These 6

    Thanks everyone for their help - I feel confident enough to give it a try now - electricity off though!