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    Loft Floor Insulation Using PIR Boards

    Anyone like to comment on my plans for flooring my daughters' loft so it can be safely used for storage. See photo. The ceiling joists are 4x2in (95x45mm), spaced at approx 450mm intervals. There are 5x2in (125x50mm) binders on top of the joists, 2m apart from each other. Between the joists...
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    Used Redland Cambrian Tiles

    I've constructed a 2.1m x 1.2m kitchen canopy (35 degree pitch) and I'm thinking of roofing it with Redland Cambrian tiles, so estimate about 40 required. If I can't get new ones (I'm told there is a UK tile shortage!) I might have to go for used ones, as there seem to be plenty on Ebay. I'm...
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    BEKO DCX71100W Tumble Dryer Encoder

    Thought I'd just close the loop on this one. I tracked the encoder down to be an ALPS Alpine EC18AGB20401 which I ordered 2 of for £3.56 each plus £12.00 postage plus VAT (Total £22.94) from Mouser Electronics. I had to shorten the shaft to fit with a hacksaw, but with a bit of disassembly...
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    BEKO DCX71100W Tumble Dryer Encoder

    Hi keen2learn, Yeah, I saw this when I was searching earlier. Unfortunately, not only is the PCB the wrong shape, but the actual encoder also appears to be different and dots in each corner (fixing holes maybe) whereas the one for the DXC71100W does not. I may well have to take the TD apart...
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    BEKO DCX71100W Tumble Dryer Encoder

    My daughter inherited the above TD when she moved house. She's only just mentioned that the Control Know doesn't work, and on doing a bit of disassemby, I can see that the Encoder Control Knob shaft has broken off. Does anyone know if it's possible to just buy the encoder PCB rather than the...