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    1 or 2 radiators HELP.

    Thank you both for your input. I had a feeling we needed two radiators but these vertical designers are so pricey so I was thinking maybe I could get away with just one but obviously for comfort better to have two.
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    1 or 2 radiators HELP.

    Hi All, Can someone please offer some advice. I have room size of 21ft (L) x 14ft (W) by 9ft (H). I also have 10ft bi fold doors. The online calculators have given me a BTU's of between 10500 - 12500. Now the question is would one radiator at one end of the room be sufficient. The vertical...
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    Glowworm Fuelsaver MK2 40B Central Heating problem

    Hello, Firstly I have always had helpful answers from this forum so I am hoping someone can advice/help with this issue I have. I have the above boiler...i know its very old but as I will be moving homes in the near future and with other expenses I am trying to see if this can be fixed...
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    Browning and Bonding Mix

    Hi, I hope someone can offer some advice whether this is the correct method. I am about to get my whole house plastered and my plasterer wants to use 50/50 mix of browning and bonding and then finishing on top. Is this a good way to do plaster? I have mixture of walls some old bricks...
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    C rated Window Frame and A rated Glass = B rated window?

    Does anyone know if the frame rating affects anything other than heat loss, such as noise? Also how much of an energy loss is it between C, B and A ratings, if its about few pounds a year then I am not too bothered but if its more I can at least try to get A or B rated frames. Thanks for...
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    C rated Window Frame and A rated Glass = B rated window?

    Thanks for the reply. I got a paper with the drawing of the Windows and it just mentions in the notes, C rated frame A rated glass but I will clarify with them. How much of a difference is between A, B and C because the price they gave me is good but is it worth me paying extra for Argon...
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    C rated Window Frame and A rated Glass = B rated window?

    Hi, Can I please check with you knowledgeable people about double glazing. I have a local company that quoted me C rated Deceuninck profile and A rated glass. Now the question is does this equate to a B rated window? and can they make the the frame more energy efficient, so that I have...
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    Patio and pointing

    Thanks for the reply. I think the issue is that the are differences in the slabs and some edges are higher than others so when you step on the edge the slab rocks slightly. Majority are fine just some that are not flat from underneath and stepping on the edge moves the slab. Where I have...
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    Patio and pointing

    Hi, I hope someone can offer some advice. I am having a patio done with Rutland Oakham paving kit which has 600x600 and 600x300 slabs. The guy has used sand & screed and cement in a dry mix which has semi hardened but its not solid hard. Now some of the slabs do move slightly and he...
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    Honeywell Galaxy G2 for a Newbie

    Hi, I will be re-wiring my new house. As its back to brick I am thinking of installing the Honeywell Galaxy G2 which I believe is a hybrid system. I installed an ESP Infinite wireless in my current house about 6-7 years ago which has served me well. It was a steep learning curve but I got...
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    Is this textured paint or artex?

    I would like to re-skim but I need to take this stuff do you think its artex?
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    Hiw To Get The Wall Smooth?

    if you want to paint over this and its a large area, you will need to get it skimmed to get the smooth finish for painting. Alternatively you can try to get a thick lining paper and see if it hides the small bumps.
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    Is this textured paint or artex?

    I have this in my hallway which is a thin yellow layer ontop and a powder/paste on the back. I have had issue where the powder has been bubbling up and coming through in places. There was some water creeping in at the top of the landing but nothing where I have taken the photo. I wanted to...
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    Checks after Planning Permission Granted

    If they object then they don't buy the property!