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  • Hi Jason.

    I have been searching online for some ideas for our downstairs loo (long/narrow room-no window) and have seen the photo of your work.

    Would you be able to pass me the make and model of the tiles you used - wife thinks it looks the business!!

    I found a picture that you had posted of a downstairs toilet. Please could you tell me where you got your curved basin shelf and how you fixed it to the wall.
    Thanks for your time
    Hi Jason. I saw a reply from you on waterproofing-grout-showers from 2007. And i would not mind to get some advice from you. Would u be able and willing to help me?
    Hi Jason,

    I tried sending you a message but as we're not 'friends' I can't. I'm after lot's of advise about carpentry. If you have some time I would really appreciate it.


    Hi Jason,

    I read the great blog that you did regarding cast iron fireplace stripping. One quick question - the Liberon (which I have) should I only put one coat on? I've stripped the paint, but a wee bit remains in the tiny cracks - what effect will that have on the Liberon? That's two questions!!

    You're clearly a very helpful man when it comes to all of this, so I hope you don't mind me asking for your expertise!

    Many thanks

    Hi Jason,

    i hope you dont mind me requesting help, its just that i find it quite hard to find people that a) can actually offer relevant, helpful advice, and b) actually have the experience to backup what they are saying, and going by the pictures i have seen of your work, i would be more than pleased if you could help me in any way!

    I am looking to replace some old fitted wardrobes in my bedroom and replace them with sliding wardrobe doors (the easy bit!!) I was after some advice on how / what to use to create the carcass of the wardrobe. I have read a few of your posts after serching the site, and see that you basically suggest making a number of "boxes" to fit inside a bigger box (a liner that covers the walls and floor?? or ceiling aswell?). I was wondering if you could provide some help or advice on the actual construction of these "Boxes" ie - how do you fix these together?
    You mention using only MFC (where is the best place to source this? or is this a "best find a regional supplier thing"?), but do you cut this to size yourself, if so i assume that you would put all cut edges to the back of the wardobe, butting up to the back wall?

    I am looking to fill a (roughly) 4m wall to wall space, and so divide these up into 1 metre "boxes" as you suggested. Do you think this would be too much of an expanse? as from looking at your pictures - (very impressive by the way!) it would seem as though you tend to keep the distance between these "boxes" quite small - i pressume to reduce the wobble factor that is so apparent with flat packed furniture!!

    Although not a professional joiner by any stretch of the imagination, i would say, that i feel pretty confident of making a half decent effort of this little project, with a little help!!!
    I would really appreciate any advice you could offer, and would be made up if yopu could answer any of the (many) questions ive asked above
    Any other help you could provide would be much appreciated

    Kind Regards and Thanks in advance

    Andrew Davies
    Hi Jason - do you know what type of fixings you used for the Aqua panel after you dabbed with tile adhesive? I've fixed marmox boards with with dabs as the ribbed bed method wasn't working, and now I want to mechanically fix the boards to the thermalite blocks - Thanks! Grant (tnarg999)
    Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions Jason, most appreciated!


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