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  • Hi John
    Ive been doing a bit of research on building a pergola with 6" x 6" posts, I came accross your posts on here.
    Hope you dont mind me asking, but how did you anchor them down/fix together?
    I have been going down the route of concrete in U shaped post supports as opposed to burrying a longer post with a post saver to prevent rot.
    Any advice on what worked or didnt would be great.

    Hey, sorry for late reply. I dug holes approximately 70cm. Then I put place a piece of porcelain tile at the bottom so the wood sits on it. I did this for all 4 posts. I used temporary pieces of battens to keep the posts straight and plum and then fill the holes with postcrete and drenched it in water with a hose pipe. Dries very quick. Hope that helps
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