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    Wireless alarms

    Hi guys What is the best wireless alarm on the market? I always fit hard wired alarms but on this job I can't, I'm not to bothrr Thanks ,
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    Nest v3 - Help with existing wiring

    This is not having a dig but if you don't no what your doing give a heating engineer or an electrician a call its not worth the risk of blowing it up or yourself All the best
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    Fire alarm courses

    Much appreciated
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    Fire alarm courses

    Bit of advice would be much appreciated I'm currently a fully qualified electrician , approved contractor with niceic etc I want to start installing fire alarms conventional and addressable , I have installed many conventional systems but not addressable, done a couple of minor courses...
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    micc cable

    hello all can anybody tell me what amps micc cable can carry clip direct 1.5 2 core 2.5 4 core thanks
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    Change key pad from led to LCD

    Hi all Got a accenta alarm system with desperate key pad which is an led keypad , I have change the keypad to LCD but it powers up ect , recognisers the code but dose not let you set alarm Any help would be great. Cheers
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    user manual

    hi all I have just installed the firesafe dual guard+ 2 wire 4 zone fire alarm system nut have lost the user manual :? any of you guys have one as I cant find on google ect?
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    emergency lighting

    :roll: whats best?
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    emergency lighting

    hi all I want to wire 4 x 2d fittings with emergency built in them with 4 x pir sensors so they all come on together when any of the pir,s r detected, and key switch of course many thanks any diagrams or advice would be great
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    many thanks for all your advice guys so if I need 4 x 60 amp supplys do I calculate the following 60x4 =240x230 then divide by 1000= 55.2kva is that correct? /
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    no gas in property the flats are not very big either, would you recommend 60 amp supplys? what would be the total kva for 4 flats? :D
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    I am going to need 80/100 amp supply to each flat and I only have 1 supply at present, and they have asked me what kva I will need I am not sure so any help or advice would be much appreciated thanks
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    any help would be grateful I am turning a house into 4 flats I am going to need 4 x100 amp supplys as I am having electric showers cookers, storage heaters ect the supply company has asked what kva I will need, but im not sure any advice would be fantastic
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    best wireless alarms

    hi all what is the best wireless house alarm on the market or any recommendations?
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    wiring a external bt bell

    hello all, how to wire a bt external 80d bell to a rj45 phone point?