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  • Hi Kayball - thanks for your info about Waterside MC250. We just had a power cut - now power returns, MC250 seems to be letting water passthrough. Tried manual region - R0 displays and then a clicking sound for about 2 mins - then E2 is displayed - all the time sound of water running through - any ideas ? Kind Regards John
    Hi Kayball, you seem to be the best source of help regarding the mc250 ultra and ours seems to have developed a couple of faults. It's discharging water via the overflow and not the usual outlet pipe,it's leaking significantly very near to the plastic outlet at the top by that outlet. It was installed in 2004 and has been fine until recently. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. I manually regenerated it last night and bar the leaks the water was softened but the overflow took a lot of water again which is symtomatic of the faults we've noticed. Thanks very much in adavance for any help.
    Hello Kayball any ideas how simple and what aprox cost to fit a fleck 5600 valve, and may be replace resin in a waterside mc250 softner, i am a reasonable engineer, regards, sams66
    just seen your informative info on mc250 softner faults can you help, my system has i think failed, noticed readout 01 [our area should be 24deg clarke] was able to do a manual regen but after that unit reverted to 01 again i cannot change this with up/down buttons ,manual regen button also now inop, digits swerl when water is used. also if you switch of for a while then on motor runs etc and readout shows ro, but unit then returns to 01 any ideas
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