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  • Thanks. I did look at the Response alarms, similar to the Yale kit I got and they had a Solar array on the siren box. I read some reviews that solar array on the lid wasn't reliable enough for recharging the batteries. I am sure there are other things out there, but probably outwith my initial budget. When buying a new house, funds for the first few months are limited. So had to get an affordable alarm system that I could install in the first month of moving in. I know burglars do target new build houses as its easy pickings for them. Chances are high for no alarm system and most people still have items lying about or in boxes. Easy grab. My folks house fell victim to this in 2000 (new build but in it for 2 years). This triggered them to get an alarm installed. Fingers crossed I dont become a victim of house burglary, even though it has happened to me before in a student flat.

    Few burglar alarms are effective at preventing the snatch and grab burglar when the neighbours are not prepared to act on the alarm. Often the burglars and the valuables are gone before there is any response to the alarm. Silent alarms with effective response can be better at preventing loss of valuables by the burglars being prevented from leaving with the items. Arrest rates are much higher.

    Alarms which false alarm reduce the amount of response that valid alarms will get from neighbours. One "bad" alarm in a street reduces response for all alarms in the street.

    With the LED kit for the dummy box you could add a PIR detector that changes the flash rate or pattern when someone approaches the building. Makes it look like the alarm is pre-arming and make it look different from a bog standard alarm on entry system.

    Also consider a solar panel on the top to prolong the life of the battery.
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