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    Firebird 2.2 oil fired boiler component?

    What's this on our external Firebird 2.2 oil fired boiler system? May be just a general component but it drips occasionally and I suspect when it isn't, air is being sucked in.
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    Shower circuit MCB intermittent tripping

    Upstairs electric shower (pretty old looking, small and not sure of the power) stopped working 'a few years ago' so I replaced it with a Triton T80 Easyfit+ 10.5kW from Screwfix. I just used the existing wiring coming out of the wall and all has been well until now. It's mostly the daughter uses...
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    ancient Danfoss TRV

    Around the house we have those kinda white bell-shaped TRVs with the black ribbed ring you twist which kept 2 fitting lugs withdrawn (before that part of the mechanism stopped working). They look like RAS-D 2910 or 5150 on the internet, what's the difference and is there a newer equivalent that...
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    Septic tank T-pipes

    The T-pipe from the house to tank 1 has broken off at some point; the one on the outlet from tank 2 is OK. Is there a 5" polypipe adapter we can wedge into the old inlet pipe?
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    Celotex vs polystyrene wall insulation

    We are battening a solid outer kitchen wall which in the past has had a condensation & mildew problem and as a result has a salting problem. Can we use polystyrene sheet instead of Celotex between battens? When we take the old plaster & render off it will expose the socket wires dropping down...
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    Loose hammer-in rise & fall gutter brackets

    A few of theses have come loose in the middle of a long section, I could probably withdraw them out of the wall if I tried and they move in the wind. What is the proceedure, remove some of the loose ones so gutter is still supported, drill out, fill with mortar, push back in? Will I be able to...