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    New house, mis-matched mortar everywhere

    first 15 years ...what about the rest..... thats says it all to me...........flagging inthe rain is hardly the same...i know this started over the pics of a new build that looked rough...but i carnt stand the crappy comments from dick heads that know nothing about what there think they know...
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    New house, mis-matched mortar everywhere

    tipical of a load of barmpots who know nothing about building on site !!!!!!! ill say it again i would like to see the full picture of the plot ......and if you don,t like it then don,t buy it ,,,not all bricks are ths same. silo mortar out of a silo with...
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    New house, mis-matched mortar everywhere

    you have not posted any pic of the house compleat ? in the brick layers defence they can only use the things they are given to work with. bad management on building sites today and tight time lines are a joke. here is a clasic of wet materials. you have said they used a supplier of moter from a...
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    Damp penetrating or rising.

    first is the extended hall wall soild . are you sure it is not single brick ?. if it is a solid wall and it has been plastered in browning before skimed then it will draw damp through a solid wall. you must remove it and replace with sand/cement render with a water proof aditve mixed in .also...
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    Cowboy builders

    i can only say that its builder like them,,, that give most of us there problems,, and leaves people like you in the crap that need locking up a builder i can only reasure you that there are good builder out there . :lol:
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    New shower - sealing advice required

    i would never fit a pastic tray. EVER. they are cheaper for a reason. they move .they will flex ( in time ) and if you are on the large side, even crack. i only ever install resin trays (stone ) with the up stand for tiles to drop into the tray. and also only with feet with access to the trap...
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    Dirgo Valve...

    i think it is unlikely that the problem is with the dirgo vavle. but when boxing in you sould leave a reasonable space at the top . and yes they only let air into the system . NOT OUT . if this problem only started after a few days then i would look for a blockage have said that this...
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    mixer valve problem

    just installed a mixer valve in the shower ( hudson ) on a ( wuster boiler ) can not get the mixer to stay at the right temp , there is no in the middle it is to hot or to cold ???????