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    sanding floorboards without industrial floor sander.

    I recently hires an industrial floor sander to sand my living room floorboads to great effect. I now plan to sand my hall boards but I will be unable to use the same hired sander because my hall is 3 ft wide and the boards run across the hall. If I have enough time, is it possible to sand...
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    Coving brand preferences?

    Am I right in thinking that Gyproc is the brand that is produced by Artex? Also what is the bes filler to use to make the joins as inisible as possible?
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    Coving brand preferences?

    Hi In the past I have used Wickes plaseter coving. But as usual with Wickes, the quality wasn't great (why do I keep going there?). Does anyone have any preferred brands of coving and if so where can I get hold of it. I live in Dorking area of Surrey BTW. Any ideas would be really...
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    Best way to fill gaps in scribed skirting joints.

    Hi. Just a quick question. What is the best thing to use to fill in small gaps left in the internal corners of new skirting boards? I have fitted the MDF skirting boards myself, so there are gaps of about 1-2 mm due to inaccurate scribing. What do you recon? Caulk, wood filler...
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    MDF skirting???? Any good?

    Hi I have just had a bedroom reskimmed and I am now about to fit new skirting. I have noticed that real pine skirting and MDF skirting costs about the same at Wickes. What are the advantages of MDF skirting apart from the reduced risk of 'cupping' when the wood dries? Does anyone have...
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    volvo 740 gle 1988/89

    recently my volvo cut out suddenly while being driven normally there dos,nt appear to a spark at the plug even though i have changed the distributer cap and rotor arm also new ignition control box i have alos tried second hand power stage , fuel pump relay , also second hand ignition control...
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    Hi, I have heard many differed ways of doing this but I want to do it property. I have just had a bedroom walls and ceiling reskimmed and therefore, I need to repaint the whole room. My plan is to wait until the plaster is totally dry and then to apply a coat of Alkali Resistant Primer...
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    Ford KA unexplaned revving!!!!

    Thanks guys. The KA is a 1998 R Reg. so not a 2000 one. I drove it again this morning and it was running like a dream. If a part like a sensor was faulty would the problem be intermittant like the one I am experiencing?
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    Ford KA unexplaned revving!!!!

    Got a Haynes manual. Sadly, I don't know what to fix because I don't know what is causing the problem. Haven't looked at that fault finding section yet, but form memory I can't remember the manual mentioning this specific problem.
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    Ford KA unexplaned revving!!!!

    I don't think that the EMS light is on but to be honest, I don't know if the KA has an EMS light without checking the manual. I will check the throttle cable but I suspect that perhaps something less obvious will turn out to be the cause.
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    Ford KA unexplaned revving!!!!

    It's got the Endure E engine that the older KAs and fiestas have. 1.3i. EMS. Sounds expensive.
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    Ford KA unexplaned revving!!!!

    Hi. When I push the cluth in my KA, the engine continues t high revs even though I have released the throttle. I seems as though the accelerator is still being pushed although it is not. I have got round this by letting the accelerator up ages before changing gear to let the revs drop...
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    Ford KA trouble getting into first

    Not changing down. I didn't mean that. I mean getting into first at all from stationry.
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    Ford KA trouble getting into first

    Hi. When tring to change down into first gear it takes a bit of a shove to find the gear. Does this mean that the gearbox is damaged or coudit be somehing else like the clutch? And ideas what it could be? Thanks in advance Matt