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    Underfloor heating and boiler constantly running

    I've got UFH & rads, for the UFH, I just set a temperature, say 19° (with a fallback of 14º from 9pm-5am) then let the thermostat decide when to call for heat. A few weeks ago, the UFH would fire up once a day, in the morning, now the weather is a bit colder it's doing twice a day, mine is...
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    Cavity wall woes

    When did you build the small room? Isn't there any cavity wall insulation in it? if so there won't be much cold air flying about. I've seen extensions as yours, some with the cavity carried over, and sometimes not.
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    Cost of crack stitching?

    Do it yourself, it's quite straight forward, there are kits that contain all the bits you need.
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    How much condensate does a boiler produce?

    I'm curious now, what has to be cleaned out of the condensate trap? isn't it just water/acid?
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    Very specific screed question…

    You've not mentioned what kind of screed you have, or how heavy you are. If it was poured/laid today, you could walk over it in the morning, prod it with a stick to see if it's dried any sooner. (y):LOL:
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    How much condensate does a boiler produce?

    When I was doing up my place, I just had the boiler (condensing combi) installed, but hadn't finished the condensate properly, so was discharging into a bucket. I had the heating on all day, (in winter) finished, then went out that evening, forgot to check then bucket... returned the next...
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    first time coving... adhesive usage & tips please

    Thanks again all.
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    first time coving... adhesive usage & tips please

    Many thanks Gents. Some good pointers in the replies. Sorry, final question... Is a mitre box better than the blue mitre thing you can buy or is it much of a muchness?
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    first time coving... adhesive usage & tips please

    I've been asked to cove a room, now a wall has been removed... 3 sides to do, around 3.5m each section. What is the standard amount of coving adhesive to use per section? (5Kg bags) are there any reasons not to use plasterboard adhesive? What length is suitable for fitting by one person, doubt...
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    Velux install - handle won’t engage

    Does it have extra locks on the side of the frame?
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    Sealing 20mm gap between bath and tiles

    I'm not keen on those plastic strips, but 20mm is a large void to fill with sealant. Is there any chance you can raise the bath up at least 10mm or so? I realise the bath panel might not allow this.:oops: Get a set of sealant spatulas to make the finish look good, remove the bath taps if you...
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    £2 an hour to heat the home??

    Blimey, thought my father in laws was warm, but you've definitely out done him.:LOL: I'm running at around 19ºc, I get complaints when it's 15º:rolleyes:;)
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    £2 an hour to heat the home??

    It's not that clearcut, depends on lots of things like house heat loss, insulation values, sizes of spaces being heated. It seemed to be the given that leaving heating on lower and longer was more efficient, and therefore used less fuel. Heating up a cold house will use more energy, but most...
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    £2 an hour to heat the home??

    FWIW, one year ago, I was using the figures below for a month, heating a 3 bed extended, detached old house. 1976.0 kWh gas 294.0 kWh electric
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    Is this window costing me energy. Worth a blind?

    Can't see a blind saving you any energy. Is the window single glazed, if so, perhaps explore some type of secondary glazing.