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    I am not putting this the forum for obvious reasons.

    In 1980 my wife and I self built our house. I did all the electrics and all the plumbing including the gas piping. Gas supplier came and tested it, passed it. noticed the pipes had been sleeved where they passed through joists and complimented me on the high standard. All legal. The LABC have told me they would be perfectly OK if I signed off on their standard form that any notifiable work electrical work that I installed in my own home was to a safe standard.

    Before we started building in 1980 we had a caravan and shed on the site. One consumer unit for the caravan ( where we would be living ) and one for the shed and 240 volt sockets in a box on the site. Each had its own RCD. Meter installer refused to install a meter as two consumer units was not acceptable under the regulations and left the site. A phone call to his boss to explain that an accident on the building site should not turn off the lights in the caravan as that would delay finding either the first aid box or the phone for the 999 call. The meter was installed the next morning by the same but now very un-happy meter installer.

    Last year a neighbour has a new kitchen fitted. Three gas appliances connected by CORGI registered as legally required. Slight smell of gas in the morning. The new gas pipes were ""not well installed"", After consultation the house owner replaced the new gas pipe work himself and had the local gas supplier check the system. Perfect test, no movement on the pressure gauge. Certified by the gas supplier. All legal.

    Having seen the "quality" of the work that the CORGI did on another house I have concerns about the standards some of them work to. There is an enquiry about that installation so I won't say any more about it.

    Best regards


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