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  • Hello, I saw your post regarding qualifiying to becoming an electrician 2 nights a week, where did you do this I live in Doncaster which isnt far from you but I can not find any courses that allow me to do it in a year, Hard work doesnt phase me.

    Hi Oharaf,

    Saw your post on the DIYNot website about going into school to talk about electricity.
    I'm not a qualified electrician, but I am a qualified primary school teacher. :)
    Please let me know how I can help :)

    I was wondering if you work in manchester. My parents are buying a house and need someone to do a pir on it. Would you be interested? The location is salford.

    oh, forgot to say, my email address is in my profile. Click on my user name at the bottom of this page.
    You don't have PMs enabled for non friends, so I'll have to leave a comment.
    Send me a PM or Email if you need my fuse. I'm local to you tomorrow, so let me know.
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