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    How often does an oil boiler need servicing?

    Whilst I would agree with John if it is a standard efficiency boiler, if High Efficiency, then an annual service is recommended as any deposits of soot or sulphur will be more critical on restricted flue passes.
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    Exact model of trianco boiler?

    The model would have been on the data sticker and may still be visible to the eye. It's not obvious on the photo. It looks like a early TRO, but I've never seen one with the flow pipe in the front.
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    WANTED: Grundfoss Pump Plan UPP15-50 Wiring Centre

    If your system is sound then the hardness of water will not be a limiting factor, only if there is constant refilling will the valves be affected.
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    Is this thermostat compatible with this boiler?

    Looking at the picture of the boiler installation, I doubt whether there are any motorised valves, and if it does hot water, then it will be gravity, with a pump on the CH circuit. Like I said earlier, get some professional advice from someone who can identify what you have got.
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    What is this at the side off boiler?

    Yes, Either or, or even one that covers both options. I think you need to employ a professional as not being able to identify a circulator does not fill me with confidence as to your ability.
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    Shower runs hot then cold then hot......

    Remove the shower head and see if the temp still fluctuates through the hose. If it doesn't, there's your problem. Descale or replace.
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    15mm pipe turns into 22mm pipe. Why?

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    Seals in old boilers and POC analysis

    Horses for courses. As an oil burner is totally enclosed within the heat exchanger and there is no open flame, then locating any leaks of POC can be aided with an analyser. It never takes much to contaminate combustion air, and if case sealing is used to make room sealed, then re ignition...
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    Seals in old boilers and POC analysis

    Whilst a leaking flue seal may not pass leaks into the room with the case fitted, it has got to have some impact on the combustion figures as it will contaminate the air that the burner 'breathes'. If the engineer smelt fumes with the case off, then using the analyser to identify the source is a...
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    power shower pump surging

    Sounds like a water supply problem. Does it surge when you select cooler or when you select hotter?
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    Strange Central Heating problem

    If hot water is on gravity, you wont have a diverter valve. If the pipework is not configured correctly, you will get thermal transfer into the radiators upstairs through the return pipework.
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    Boiler pressure drop of 0.1bar in 2months

    Pressure drops can be very subjective, depending on the size of the system. If my system, combi with 4 rads, loses 0.2 bar, it takes about 1 second of opening the filling loop to recharge it, about 1/4 of a teacup. A larger system with the same drop would be a significantly larger leak.
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    Washing machine pump waste

    What about using a Saniflo? I would still install a separate high level switch in case of failure.
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    New Warmflow oil boiler struggles to ignite when cold

    I would call in a 'plumber' who knows what he is doing. If you can smell oil, then obviously it is down to combustion settings,( assuming your oil is not contaminated).