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  • Hi There OilHead. My mother in law lives near Knighton in Shropshire. She has a Kidd VHE model 1 oil fired boiler. (a large one). It has been serviced recently and since the service the boiler fumes can now be smelt when it is on (not on the inside of the house but outside from the flue) The flue fumes are now dirtier than they were before. Can you help please. Many thanks
    You seen very knowledgeable, so heres a quick question? Oil Boilers. I find on a few modern condensing combi boilers routing the snorkel seems virtually impossible to do! There is just too much to get around to get the snorkel hose connected to the flue spigot! I was thinking of designing something as the manufacturers can't even offer help on it. Any tips?
    My number is 07581 208677. would be grateful of any help. My husband is back tomorrow night and I was hoping to fix it before he got back, but if I can't do it myself, I will need someone to sort it who won't rip me off. Thanks in advance. Natalie
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