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    ty both. I guess I cut cut some more of the plasterboard away to make some of the holes a lilttle bigger. but if i go for the gun, not sure what you meant by screw on gun
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    Wanting to fill some voids around some bathroom wastes pipes before room is tiled and suite fitted, to keep pipes secure. ANy issue in me using stuff that doesnt need a gun? What does using a gun provide?
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    Tiles and Shower Tray

    Had some prep work done on a bathroom ages ago and tray was put in. NOw wanting to finish the bathroom and notice that the stud wall they built is butted up to the tray and the hard back attached sits on the tray. Therefore the board plus tiles will mean I lose about 30mm of the tray. How...
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    Pipe Cutting

    thank you all. The pipes are already in place and plumber used push fit. Im just trying to putt a 40mm waste pipe into an existing elbow. Out of interest are all black push fit 40mm waste pipes the same, or do I have to go with the brand that matches the elbow. IN this case its polypipe. In...
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    Pipe Cutting

    Hi, any advice please on how to chamfer (what tool to use) a 40mm plastic pipe before it goes in a push fit elbow, to get it past the o ring. Also. if cutting a 40mm pipe, is it the 42mm pipe cutters that I need? Lastly, what is best way to clean off burrs? Thank you
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    Shed Floor

    Is it possible to repair a t&g floorboard of a shed? For example, after cutting a trap in a house floorboard it is straight-forward to put it back and the fact that tonmgues get broken has no conqeuences other than leaving some gaps in between boards. But if a tongue is cut on a shed...
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    Sub Floor Ventilation

    Would be interested to know peoples view please on ventilation for suspended floors. Let's say a house has timber suspended floors, but the back section of the house is getting backfilled and changed to solid to tie in with a solid floor extension that is being built. So front room will get...
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    Dead Leg

    Might be a stupid question, but I have an existing outside tap, which I might be getting moved. Inside the house the pipe that serves the tap tees off a cold water pipe and goes up vertically a short way before existing through brickwork. The cold pipe that it tees off continues on to a...
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    Hi I am PLanning to build a small shelf unit; a bit like a small open backed bookcase - so shelves with a frame. Was going to use dowels instead of screws, which I would glue. But should I also add glue to the whole edges of the shelves, rather than just the dowels, and then clamp? Presume...
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    Multi Tool

    Just cos I dont own one. It's ok, just used an attachment for my drill in the end. Thanks
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    Multi Tool

    Hi, is it possible to get a universal blade for a multi tool that is similar to a grinder? For cutting into some hard mortar and chopping away a bit of concrete? Thanks
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    Fitting Blinds

    ah ok, so i cut them down to size so that they are similar size to the bracket and position the holes so I can screw through, rather than having to drill through the plastic. Thanks
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    Manhold Cover

    Thanks a lot.
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    Fitting Blinds

    What are the holes for in the shims and wy are some horse shoe shaped? So these would go in between bracket and the ceiling / top part of window opening where i am attaching to. Guess they will stand out in colour, unless I use white so same as the painted plaster.
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    Fitting Blinds

    Need to fit a venetian blind using top fixings and the opening is not square by any means. The top horizontal part (skimmed plasterboard) of the the opening dips / is lower in the middle, with each end rising up higher, maybe between 5 and 10 mil difference. Also, one end of the top section...