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    This reducer in bathroom...?

    Hi guys, I will be doing a first install bath soon and wondering why this reducer is in place to the main waste stack in our upstairs bathroom? The house is 1957 build and probably originally had a bath. When we moved in there was a shower in this location which had inlet and waste pumps...
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    Wiring in some Halogens

    Ok, thanks guys
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    Wiring in some Halogens

    Hi guys, I know this may have been posted before, but haven't found anything answering my exact questions. Here below is my celling rose on the landing. It is operated by 2 separate switches, one in the hall and the other on the landing. I plan to put a 6x50W spot bar in and just...
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    Isolating cold water to upstairs toilet

    Thanks all. I found the stop cock under kitchen sink (there was a load of junk in front of it) and has therefore shut off all the cold water. One new problem is that my ball valve won't fit. Someone gave it to me for free so knew it may not be compatible. Got a couple pics here to give...
  6. New ball valve

    New ball valve

  7. Old ball valve

    Old ball valve

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    Isolating cold water to upstairs toilet

    You think definitely mains fed? I had a quick google and thought it wasn't, as in our water supply is in-direct. Think shutting it off from the drive way is the next best thing to try.
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    Isolating cold water to upstairs toilet

    Hi there I live in a Bryant built home and need to shut off the upstairs cold water supply to the toilet as I need to change the ball cock valve. There are 2 pipes that come out of the header tank, one the overflow and the other, which appears to lead into a large diameter grey pipe that...
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    new mixer tap (connecting new pipe to valve)

    Hi. I'm in the process of installing a new mixer tap in the kitchen. First time Im doing this and have a question about fitting the 2 new copper pipes to the valves. The new pipe ends are bare with no nuts on them. Once ive screwed the other ends into the new tap, how can I propperly fit the...
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    Wiring in new switch and ceiling rose

    Ok thankyou for that. Just wondering why is an FCU better than a normal switch in this instance?