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    lease does not permit wood floor, is this a good way round?

    As a professional landlord as my day job, take the advice above and don't lay wood floors. Despite any advice above regarding regulations etc, any enforcement under the lease will generally focus on the literal interpretation of the lease - and yours is very clear in that regard. I've been...
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    Soundproofing floor - nuisance neighbours

    Hi I recently insulated the floors in our victorian flat with rockwool rw3 100mm 60kg.m3 density. This is higher density than the Rw45 product. we are frist floor and while we didn't have any particular issues, thought it would be a good idea while we had the floors up installing electrics...
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    18mm wbp ok for this floor?

    Hi all have just had a kitchen floor raised to meet adjoining dining room floor level. it's 2.64 x 2.5 m with new joists at 400mm centres (spanning the 2.5m dim). will be finished with tiles. have been offered 22mm water resistant chipboard as finish, but understand from forums this is not...
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    removing and re-laying an existing timber floor-crazy idea?

    Hi I'm in the process of doing just this in my first floor flat. I'm no pro, so this is just my experience. Firstly you will probably need to remove the skirting. The brad nails are probaly about 60mm long and in most cases the boards won't pull off the nail, therefore I found I needed the...
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    Flickering Light bulbs with new dimmers

    I have installed dimmers in three roms. Two rooms ahve a single dimmer and lamp each, one room runs 3 lamps, with two switches - one dimmer and one normal. Both switches run all 3 lamps together in thnis room - it's L-shaped so need access to two locations. Interestingly, I've had most...
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    Flickering Light bulbs with new dimmers

    Hi all I've recently installed hamilton sheer dimmers, with low energy bulbs, but these flicker even when turned fully up. have tried both standard and dimmable lamps but no difference, and they last about 1-2 weks before failing completely. Back to old standard incadescent bulbs which work...
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    Minimizing noise levels....?

    Egg boxes do work - our small provincial radio station's studio in NZ was insulated by them back quiteeffectively in the early 80's - ok, for sure there are more effective ways, and eating that many eggs could cause you serious cholesterol issues!!
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    noise insulation on first floor flat

    I'm in the process of doing my 1st floor flat. I have used 100mm Rockwool RW3 slabs in the joists to prevent air borne noise into the floors below - very effective - but have yet to choose an option to insulate from impact noise that falls short of being a full on mdf type floating floor...
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    is there a nail gun for use on victorian floor boards?

    Hi ll I have three 15m2 rooms to nail down 20mm thick victorian Floor boards. All boards have come up during the refurb. The problem is that my neighbours have the original lath and plaster ceilings and the joists do move, so I'm worried that I'll cause danage by manually nailing all these...
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    What Cable

    I did quite a bit of research on this and settled on Webro Wf100. It's easy to get on line. Google it. I got a lot of info from AV forums, and a few installers websites.
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    Do I fit coving / skirting before or after skim coat

    Hi all Newbie DIYer here. Have torn down many Lath & Plaster Walls and PB'd them. Now I need to know whether I fit the trims before or after the skim coat. All plastering will be done by a pro, but I'm doing the trim work. Had thought before as skim coat could be used to correct any...
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    How to ppreserve coving when knocking down a lath and plaste

    I hadn"t thought of that myself. Sounds like a very good idea. another tip is to lay Correx on the floor and tape it together. It makes getting the L&P into rubble sacks much easier, and much kinder to the floor. we used plastic dust sheets on our first wall and really underestimated the...
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    How to ppreserve coving when knocking down a lath and plaste

    I've just done this, but only pulling off one face of a L&P wall - not quite what you are up to. I found that the plaster coving is of a much greater solidity than the L&P so found that the L&P just fell away whereas the plaster stood soundly. The plaster and L&P sort of overlapped each other...
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    Thanks for advice. For interest, it seems it's recommended installing an octo lnb so that I send 2 sat cables to each outlet (4 outlets = 8 cables). This gives you the ability to use a FREESAT dual channel recorder at each location if I want / choose to - future proofing, i believe it's...
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    cheers for the advice fellas, looks like a good unit. It seems it's avalable with or without the wireless room stat. I presume it's best to have the wireles stat for energy conservation etc.