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    Does this wall need to be re-plastered?

    Sorry kingandy2nd. I am sorry I didnt read the forum properly DOH!!!! I havent been on here for a while so I apologise for being a prat!!!!!
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    Does this wall need to be re-plastered?

    I have tiled over worse walls than that and done a good job! No need spending money when it's not needed..
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    Levelling off plasterboard joints

    I would follow Bonni's advice...
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    Does this wall need to be re-plastered?

    Just take all the rough edges off with a scraper and spread it with the adhesive and a good knotched trowel and you should be ok to tile on it.I would suggest a bigger knotched trowel and that should make up for any irregular areas.The walls look quite flat.. Get a long straight edge and put it...
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    Leave this interior wall as bare stone?

    I don't think the stone work is good enough for a feature. But you could rake the mortar out a little and it should show the stone work a bit better.
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    Plaster/Filler - Confused - Retiling Old Plaster Wall

    I would spread over it with tile adhesive and fill the holes no need to lay it on the main wall too thick, then leave it for a few days then tile onto it,, I would get a tub of Bal Blue Star adhesive, it's expensive but it's the best!!!
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    Repair to render on corner of external wall

    It looks like textured paint,If so just scrap all the loose stuff off and give it a wire brushing then paint some PVA or SBR (4-1) over it, and when it is tacky, mix some sand and cement (and lime) if you want,(you could put a drop of your PVA in the mix and wet up your s/cement mix so it is...
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    Plastering Artex Ceiling

    I recently skimmed a ceiling with a light artex pattern on it. It was curved on the sides and was quite big. So I went over it with a roller of "Unibond" (3-1) and let it pick up a bit (tacky), Then I went over it with a watered down Unibond (4-1 mix), And I had no problem with suction and it...
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    Plaster skim has a bell bottom along bottom edge (problem fixing skirting)

    I would get an electric sander and sand the plaster down so it is level with existing plaster then silicon the back of the skirting and press it home flush..
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    External wall patch up....

    No concrete wont do the job!! You will have to knock all the old render off and mesh it to hold back any cracks. not a novice's job really. Get a few quotes off a few plasterers that could tackle this kind of job...
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    Render on old pillar

    You will be better off using stainless steel mesh then no probs with rust showing thru later...Also use either s/steel angle beads or plastic ones..
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    Plaster board touching dpm

    I would use poly backed plaster board...
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    Render on old pillar

    You can put a scoop of lime in your mixes but if you don't address the cracks and leave what's on there then they will come back and bite you!! The way I have told you how to do is the correct way! Your choice!!
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    Render on old pillar

    You are better to knock off all the old render, then put expanding metal all the way around it (Should be able to knock galvanised 3 inch nails into the brick joints to hold mesh on). Put a scratch coat on it, (4-1 mix with plasterciser for first coat) then put angle beads on the corners then...
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    Cracks in roughcast at extension / house joint

    Any cracks in render should be addressed as Steve said, if water gets in and freezes then it could "blow" the dash off!! You could grind down either side of the crack and fit an expansion joint and match it in with the rest of the dash!! I don't know whether they chased the brick work out and...