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    Panasonic Bread Maker

    This! Just bought a new capacitor and installed it. I have done the same on a juicer before but wasn't convinced it was the capacitor as it behaved differently to the juicers failure mode. Juicer stopped entirely. Bread maker would growl and stop mixing, sounding like it was straining. The...
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    Unrealistic wish list for driveway cameras?

    Thanks. Am looking up PoE....
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    Unrealistic wish list for driveway cameras?

    A brief search of offerings online at likes of Amazon or Screwfix make me think my desired spec is missing something obvious as I can't find an obvious purchase. I would like: -Outdoor cameras, mains powered- I can route power cables to them easily. -Sending data over wi-fi - To a central...
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    Cracks in walls.... Should we be concerned??

    My 2 p....Yes. Concerned enough for due diligence to be done. Get it properly assessed. You may find neighbours in nearby houses have similar failure modes playing out. Not a time for fingers crossed approach. Imo .
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    How low can the durgo go? What could go wrong?

    It is still working just fine.Btw.
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    4 concrete slabs. 25 years old. Tile straight over joins??

    Thanks. Had a feeling it might be a 'no no'. Is there a board or system of boarding that I moderately skilled diyer could install with some kind of substrate/bonding? Obviously the joins would not overlay the slab joins, but would they not then become the site of cracks?
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    4 concrete slabs. 25 years old. Tile straight over joins??

    We have a utility area. Concrete slab poured in 4 sections. Two small rooms (larder and WC) with boundary at threshold onto the hallway section which itself is 2 strips about 2 m X 0.6 m. Given shonky build of the whole thing I strongly suspect there's no dpc nor bar in the slabs. Was about to...
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    Wood burning stove -hearth fitting issue

    Which one are you thinking of? Trades have a tendency to use generic terms for sealants.
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    Wood burning stove -hearth fitting issue

    Lapsed HETAS. The fire cement doesn't like the kind of movement your description creates as far as I am imagining it. However absent the flue being blocked, the Co doesn't 'try' nor usually succeed to get out of tiny little gaps. Like electricity in a weird way it has a preferred route, the...
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    Should 3 pole isolation switch be marked at all?

    None of that is useful. Well done. There is a while thread on this of mine from years ago, about the mysteries of my wife and the 3 pole isolator. Fill your boots. I only wanted to know about the markings. 333rocky333. Wins.
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    Should 3 pole isolation switch be marked at all?

    Thanks. Your an answer! I will have another look at it. I have nevertheless bought a new one which not only is marked but also has a key to lock off the switch.
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    Should 3 pole isolation switch be marked at all?

    Sparky fitted one above bathroom doorway. Wife couldn't reach so replaced it with pull cord version. Now wanting to reuse the old switch for same job on another WC fan. But noticed it has no markings at all on the outer face. Not a red patch, or on/ off. Why is that?
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    Fan into WC. Vent(s?) into larder. High/low position?

    I have a small WC and larder as part of a shonky lean-to inherited extension. In larder is washing machine. Not ideal I know...larder is a bit moist! Both doors are ledge and brace with big gaps at bottom. With kitchen door and back door shut you can think of the WC and larder as sealed off, but...
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    Angle grinder wood chain saw blades

    Very much want one. Want to have a go. And don't, at the same time.
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    Opening up the chimney - exposing the builders opening

    Or... Google "builders opening", and see myriad before and afters. Providing (and I've never met it) the original lintel is not gone you should be fine with whatever is placed below that, support wise. Sides- you are looking for intact whole brick vertical joints- people hardly ever tie in the...