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    1 Way Switch - Is this okay ?

    Many thanks Sorry I shoudl have said that there was an earhting wire inside the gang box which I have connected.
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    1 Way Switch - Is this okay ?

    Hi I have fitted a chrome plated 1 Way Switch to replace a standard plastic one. I understand that the convention is for the rocker switch to be up in the OFF position. The rocker switch is not that well aligned on the plate and looks better on the wall when it is upside down. The means...
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    Bottle Trap Being Pulled

    Hi I have a metal bottle trap being pulled when the WC is flushed. I am trying to fit an in line anti syphon fitting, but the wife would rather I didn't as it would be visible. If I were to entend the plastic tube which is inside the trap would this help the trap from being pulled or...
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    Diplomat APM 8512 Washing Machine - No Longer Spinning

    Hi Many thanks. Can the motor capacitor be replaced ? When the refurbished module was returned, I was told that a chip had been blown on the refubished module ???
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    Diplomat APM 8512 Washing Machine - No Longer Spinning

    Hi I switched the module for a refurbished module. However with the refurbished module the machine would not even start ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Worcester HeatSlave Boiler - Sticking Synchronous Motor ?

    Hi Many thanks for your replies. The built in time switch did fail and I replaced it with a new one about 20 months ago and it seems to have been fine ??? I agree that the boiler needs a service. What does the photocell do ? Is it changed during the service ? Yes - recycling the...
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    CH Pumping Over into F&E Tank

    Hi Many thanks for the information regarding pumping over into the F&E tank. I have a bottle of Fernox Restorer F3 to add to the system which I plan to circulate round at low temperature for a week before draining. I plan to drain the system down completely before adding the Restorer...
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    CH Pumping Over into F&E Tank

    Hi Under normal operating conditions should the water in the F&E tank be hot or is it the over pumping which is causing the water to become hot ?
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    CH Pumping Over into F&E Tank

    Sorry will the F&E Tank overflow ?
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    CH Pumping Over into F&E Tank

    Hi Are you saying that the pin holes will appear when I try to clear the sludge from the system with the chemical cleaner ?
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    CH Pumping Over into F&E Tank

    Hi I have an open vented CH system. I am pretty sure there are blockages that need to be re-moved. We have removed the cold feed pipe and cleared it. The radiators upstairs started to heat up much better. Once all the blockages are out I am going to treat the system with Fernox...
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    Concrete Footings - Is there a problem ?

    Hi I have had a contractor install concrete footings for decking. He used a 5:1 ballast to cement mix ( Rugby Premium Cement ). I happened to notice that the Use By date on the cement had expired 11 days before he used it ? Is this a potential problem with the strength of the concrete...
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    Knotting Solution needed over old timber ?

    Hi I have some whitewood timber built in to the ceiling of my garage which has been there for several years. I planned to prime, undercoat and paint the timber, when I realised that I may need to seal the knots first. As the timber is so old and there is no sign of any resin do I need a...
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    Correct Way to Slate a Roof in Scotland ?

    There is a housing development being built next to me and I noticed that the slates are being fixed onto battens. I just wondered why they had not fitted sarking boards ?