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    Two Gang, two way light switch

    My only criticism would be that the black rubber grommet is not in place.
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    Two way switch wiring

    I think we'd have a better idea if we knew which WIRES emerge from which CABLES.
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    wallpapering a sloping wall under eaves advice please

    I don't fully understand your question - so apologies, apologies, apologies. But you would start at the end where the wall is at its highest, and work towards the slope. Ensure the first length is level, by marking a vertical plumb line on the wall with a pencil. When you get close to where...
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    Thanks Valspar

    I'm trying to imagine putting the same colour paint over old existing paint - presumably you are getting streaks? Did you give the old surface a light sanding first?
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    Cooker 6mm to plug

    No, 6.0 mm2 is fine, in fact, better. Make sure if the socket is behind the oven that there is room to push the oven back. Or fit the socket in a cupboard next to the oven, or similar.
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    CU Flaps

    Wondered what the title meant... Yes, I believe the reason is to make sure they are shut. Wouldn't really recommend butchering them to suit your requirements either, as you would be voiding any kind of guarantee, etc.
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    Cooker 6mm to plug

    Can you fit a 13amp socket onto the end of the 6mm2 flex?
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    Routing cables through insulated plasterboard

    I'm no expert when it comes to building insulation, but to remove such a large trunking, and not be able to replace it, does sound like a bad idea. Personally I'd be thinking about either using some attractive D-line trunking; or building a false wall.
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    What to do with slack cable

    It would look considerably better if you clipped it to the very top of skirting board, with the clips at say 7" intervals, with any cables kinks smoothed out. You may like to consider some white D-line trunking just above the skirting board - which will blend in with the skirting board very nicely.
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    Dimmer switch light question

    Don't forget, most dimmers can be dismantled, so you could remove one dimmer module from the plate, and fit a different module.
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    Routing network cable - is this quote okay?

    In my opinion, you are likely to get a proper job done by an experienced ELECTRICIAN, as long as he knows/is told where the cables have to go. An experienced electrician should be experienced enough to do a neat job, hiding cables where possible. I don't know for sure if CCTV/network blokes...
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    Neutral to earth fault

    To clarify to the op With the main switch OFF, you should not be getting continuity between N and E. But he should be doing more sophisticated tests. Has he said which CIRCUIT has the dead short on it? ie lights, sockets etc? Did he unplug any appliances when doing this 'test'? There may not...
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    Thermostat Replacement Help

    You need to terminate the unused neutral wire and the unused earth wire in two separate 5amp connector blocks - or similar.
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    Inspecting for joists before holesaw for Downlights

    After poking a small hole with a bradawl where the downlighter centre will be, you then need to poke four small holes - each one in each 'corner' of where the edge of the circular downlight hole would be. And then, angle the bradawl in these four holes to check you are still well away from the...
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    Remove socket without blanking plate

    The sockets could be in a horizontal row, but the wiring may go up and down.