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  • Hi, I have earth in all sockets but not in lights, council insisting I have a full rewire which would destroy original covings, with lots of trunking, I believe lights are on two rings, can they in force this?
    Hi there . Hope you can help me further with the wiring. But anyway, thanks for your help thus far !! You're a Star !!
    hello sparkwright,
    i have just had my cooker switch and main pannel in kitchen wit hob, washing machine, fan, etc replaced by an electrician and all the neon lights stay on when the switch in on or off i questioned the sparky and he daid yeah its right its just letting you know there is power going to the sockets is this true or do i need to swap load and supply wires over on all switches (live and neutrals) is it dangerous left like this or is the sparky right please help as i am very worried only joined up tonight so dont know if ive out this in the right bit or not but would be vey gratefull for your help.
    regards maria
    thanks for reply yes cooker in use it is about 10mm its upstairs on landing there is two other cables but not to sure if ring main or lights main can you please tell me how to find out
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