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    In non English nations of the UK, do things like Alexa need to understand Welsh etc.

    why should alexa etc understand welsh, the rest of us dont !
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    Help with spur socket in newly bought house - can I use it?

    perhaps the previous owner removed the socket because it was in the way of a piece of furniture??
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    Which wago would you recommend for inside a light switch, please? Never used them before...

    The wago 221 mentioned by notch are here use the drop down box to choose between 2/3/4/5 way, you can also get a mixed box
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    Help me fit this light fitting

    looks like the cable between the ceiling part and the part with the arms can be adjusted in length such that if you have low ceilings you move the "arms" up by shortenining the exposed cable or if you have high ceilings the cable can be longer so that the "arms" are lower. just a guess though...
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    Which wago would you recommend for inside a light switch, please? Never used them before...

    are you just "parking " it in the back of the box so covereing the end of the cable safely? but if you are connecting more than two cables wagos are the way. if yes, try these they are quite small and will sit in the back of the box easily...
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    How to fit assess lamps?

    Might need to get something custom made to connect lamp to railings. Could the railing suppliers help?
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    Mounting TV on dot and dab insulated plasterboard wall

    as we dont know what bracket you have/want bear in mind some have the ability to "lock" the tv mounted bit to the wall mounted bit such that it cant be seperated accidentally. handy if you have kids
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    Earth sleeving Screwfix or toolstation

    And are these people having a laugh at this price???.............
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    Earth sleeving Screwfix or toolstation

    there must be a new standard we dont know about.... brown EARTH sleeving...
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    use bt tv pro box as second box?

    as title can you use a pro box instead of a mini box. i have a pro box and wondered if i got a second one would it work as though it was a mini box ie doesnt record only streams
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    Changing old round pin socket for modern one?

    I have 2A round pin sockets for lighting use so if I swopped them for 13a sockets would I be in even more danger??...... With Winston's way of thinking I should be.....
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    EV charging point

    why should councils provide charging points?? councils dont provide petrol / diesel filling points. let the power companies provide the points as they are the supplier of the "fuel"
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    What to do with slack cable

    Looks to me that there "just" might be enough cable to drop vertically from heater and fcu if the cable ran along the top of the skirting
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    How deep through concrete

    is there lawn to the left of the garage in the pic? if yes then could you run the cable around the garage corner and come in through the left hand wall rather than the concrete
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    Chasing out for backbox newly skimmed wall

    if you have a multi tool would one of these work