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  • ok thanks for your help i take full responsibility will remember not to use fairy liquid again!! thanks again for your help
    Fairy liquid is bad bad bad ! its aggressive to clean dishes and can rot copper pipes !
    ammonia and all sorts in it. That's why I always thoroughly rinse soaps suds off dishes
    The probe has to heat up before it will allow the gas to pass through some fast some slower as long as it opens its ok.
    With use they loosen up a little and get faster.
    Ps I did think you were going to get a gas fitter to fit it !!
    Hi i changed FDD initially flame stayed low across burner for an age then fired up. on subsequent start ups the flame fires up immediately (no low flame at all) next day same situation took an age 1st time ,then immediate high flame which is contollable once oven temp reached
    Hi there,
    If the flame is lighting all the way across the burner and it stays small you need this part
    A091664, if the flame doesn't light all the way across the burner, then the burner needs cleaning.
    Its a simple job but needs to be done by a gas safe registered engineer.
    all the best.
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