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    Can I glue a curtain track?

    Sometimes “contact engineering” works. a piece of sturdy timber cut to fit inside the window reveal and encouraged to fit with a hammer could work, even supported by a couple of less sturdy verticals to make a Stonehenge style timber surround.
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    Can I glue a curtain track?

    No more nails will bugger a wall way more than a couple of screws. There are telescopic poles that will take a decent weight. However telescopic (no matter how good) won’t hold much compared to screws.
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    Party wall/working Sundays and loft conversion

    Hi my neighbour told me sometime between Tuesday /Wednesday that they are having a loft conversion. I have no problem with that, apart from before they moved in they had the house totally redone and the builders worked 7 days a week for a couple of months. Part of my concern is that they...
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    Wiring 2 bedside lights and 2 sockets to a plug top?

    I would get a couple of short extension leads, fused at 10/13A. some extension boards have slots on the back to hook onto screws. Either screw them to the wall or the rear of the headboard and use a standard plug on each item.
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    Cars with no noise.

    Carefully is the answer. I used to know a lot of deaf people, and they just learnt to be cautious it was harder for a colleague of mine who was partially sighted. He relied more on sound than vision as by the time he saw a vehicle, it was too late to cross safely
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    Older "yellow" fibreglass insulation surface is dirty

    Lofts are dirty. if it is dry dirt it is just as likely that it was dust and crud from the tiles blown by high winds. if it worries you go ahead But I don’t think you need to?
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    Lean To - Fixings to house

    Frame fixers would do it.
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    Insulation advice... Old loft conversion crawl space

    That's what a mate off mine did. Insulate the wall and ceiling. Do you have felt or can you see tiles/gaps?
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    Cars with no noise.

    I have no idea if that truck's noise was "white noise" (didn't sound like my definition of white noise) but I have nearly come a cropper walking in my supermarket car park when e vehicles reverse out of spaces. This is partly the fault of the driver not backing in but some kind of beep/tone...
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    Ride on Mower for sloping lawn

    Isn't it more sensible to cut "up and down"? a mate was killed by driving a 4x4 along a hill rather than up/down. Surely the manufacturer could say the max incline deemed to be safe? The CoG would be in your favour
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    What timber for adding height to overboarded insulation?

    Take a sheet of 8x4 rip it into a number of equal strips 8 feet by 6” (example) then fit a 2x1 timber to each long edge, so that it’s wider at the top and bottom, waisted in the middle. it is a lightweight truss/ girder it works really well. I did it in my loft to hold “standard” sized loft...
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    What timber for adding height to overboarded insulation?

    I used strips of OSB which had 2x1 screwed onto the sides to make a sort of I beam.
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    Dishwashers: When is it time to send them to the farm.....?

    modern dishwashers tend to be more efficient as well?
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    I've got a loft full of sawdust

    I think you might be over thinking? I'd buy a wet/dry vacuum from Screwfix or similar and some bags. By the time you fanny about with cyclonic dust collection and long tubes you'd have it done. £50-75 done in a weekend or sooner
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    Can gas pipes be behind kitchen cabinets?

    If concerned, my mum had a gas detector fitted when her memory started to go. one whiff of gas and the valve was cut off and an alarm sounded