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    The one to go in is NG so no panic, got two lpg boilers to price so will price the evolves. Makes a decent difference in cost.... With ideal you have to buy an LPG gas valve, Worcester vaillant and baxi are more expensive when buying an LPG boiler for some reason...
    Did you get the mails? I didn't realise it was so expensive to convert other brands.
    Hi VC, yes thank you for that. Downloaded onto my phone now
    Hi David. I wonder if you could give me your view regards repair I carried out on a unica for an estate agent. What you say will be in strict confidence- more a case of me being told if I am wrong or some one is making a monkey of me. No names will be mentioned- promise you that. Be blunt to me if you need to.

    Agent reports fan bearings are shot (according to tenant who stays there). Rolls up and sets the four speeds to what they should be. All were off the mark. FGA high and low. Both setting out of operational window. Set these. Tenant still bleating fan is noisy buit not noisy as before (cover was off the boiler at the time). Called Vokera techy who said faulty bearing would throw a fault code.

    Estate agent claims two weeks after I worked on the boiler, the fan got so wobbly that fan blades broke.

    I have copied part of what the 'new' engineer has said- he claims to have replaced the fan
    "I have now received comments from the engineer who subsequently attended the boiler at 10 Lothian Gardens. He has advised that the initial problem was due to a worn bearing. He further advises that he considers lubrication or the changing of fan speed settings, which I believe is what you did, to be only ever a temporary measure in these circumstances."

    Further more, fan in the unica does not have blades- does the fan disintegrate in the manner sated above? I did not lubricate the bearings has been suggested.

    Your view would be most welcome


    If you feel uncomfortable mentioning free courses, I'll be happy to post them as a neutral third party; just send me the details if you want.
    hello david you were right, the boiler is 8 yrs old and a new metal section did the trick
    thanks for your advice
    hi dave can i ask your advice please. should the sabre 29he, 47 094 71 have a metal or plastic flue? got one in an outhouse thats rusty on a metal seam.the replacement i bought is plastic, 29450126,guy at ultimate heating says the metal flue is off a 29se. which is the correct flue?
    cheers terry, there are some photos in my profile
    Hi VC, sorry for the impersonal nature of this PM. Attended the Fault Finding training today in Glasgow.......your man in the North, Eric, is a credit to your company,an excellent formal course,plenty of hands on, plenty of hints and tips. Please if you could somehow through the company pass on my regards and thanks again to Eric.

    Hi VC,
    Can I pick your brains on some boiler issues I have at present. Your insight would minimise me straying off course.

    Linea Max . 1. During HW mode, is the bypass operative?
    2. Have one on its knees at present. I suggested to client he get Vokera team out to fix ‘leaking to’ CH during HW mode. I had replaced the diverter seal etc to no avail. Now it is shutting down during HW mode to give fluctuating HW. Temperature on the inlet to HWHE is swinging between 55 and 80 degree C. HWHE bunged up me thinks but heat store presence has me confused (question is, do I replace the plate heat exchanger or is it something else).
    In figure 2 (Linea Max MI) I see the heat store in series with the HWHE. During long draw off from hot tap, store temperature will be much lower, so will the hot water at the tap not be less hot also?

    Linea 24. Another with bunged up plate heat exchanger now with leaking main HE. Replaced main heat exchanger after system was chemically cleaned by plumber who deals with installs. May not have been fully treated as main HE went belly up. Anyhow, main HE fitted. Pressure gauge is jumping a little during HW mode and hot water temperature is again fluctuating.
    When fitting thermistor, I have been a little cautious as replacement heat exchangers now have reduced depth where the thermistor fits. To fit thermistor and then torque it tight would, I suspect, puncture the metal as the tip of thermistor is in contact with the plate well before it is tightened. I had to file the tip of the thermistor so it does not damage the new heat exchanger. On others I had to fit two washers instead of one. Am I being overcautious or am I doing something wrong?

    Vokera Compact This is the one without plate heat exchanger. Red light comes on but when I get there it works. I suspect it is the HW flow switch. On a previous visit the boiler would not revert to CH after hot tap was run. End of HW demand burner still on, no pump, boiler made some noise and then shut down (overheat shut down me thinks). I will be returning today to fit a new flow sensor today and hope that will resolve the issue. Reed relay within the flow sensor (at least that is what I suspect is used to indicate HW demand) is known to stick at times when magnet no longer in close proximity.

    Vokera flue for standard efficiency boilers. Plumbcenter no longer stock this item. Is the flue supply dropped by Plumbcenter or is this item obsolete?

    Hi VC, I am looking for vector image of Vokera logo. I need it for business cards that my son is designing. Can you suggest how I might get the said logo?


    Hi VC, I got your post and Im happy with what was suggested in my thread. I already donate to Unicef and RSPCA on a monthly basis, so sharing a little more for the needy is fine with me. I dont do checks but can do bank transfer or paypal or other arrangement based on what these organisations are able to accept.

    Let me know when you may be available for a chat.

    Sorry about posting here but Im not so familiar with this baord's structure, I wasnt able to find a pm section/link as such.


    Hi VC. I've got a thread in the CC - "sealed sytem losing pressure - Vokera Mynute", wonder if you could have a look in and possibly ask your senior techie in Glasgow about the semi sealed proposal? Thanks.
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