1. Jul17pri

    How to safely connect a 12v radio to a 12v leisure battery?

    Hi How can I connect a 12v radio to a 12v leisure battery without damaging it? I have: - A 12v radio (Roberts Stream 94i) - A connector that fits into the radio power socket - A length of power cable (2 wires) - A soldering iron - A 12v leisure battery - Terminals to connect the wire to the...
  2. dunxd

    Lamps/transformer combo for 12v downlight in bathroom

    I have a single 12v lamp over the shower in my bathroom. Lamp is a GU5.3 fitting. Lamp just blew after a couple years. I've replaced all the other downlight lamps in the house with GU10 LEDs. This is the last halogen. Up in the attic is a Tamlight EU-2060 box connected to the fitting (see...
  3. K

    12V rgb wall ambient lighting

    Hi all, I was looking for a recommendation on wire and power supply and controller for the rgb smd light strips. I have in total just shy on 22m of what I believe is 5050 60led/m. I got them off ebay a good while ago and it came with 3 power adapters rated at 12v 5A (for 30M kit). Hence 1...
  4. A

    Gravity fed hot water as dump load

    Hello everyone! I apologize if a thread like this already exists and I have missed it due to wrong wording etc. I have searched whole web and found bits and pieces but no concrete answer or other examples like mine. The background: It is an off grid tiny house where I want to install a wind...
  5. N

    Nest 3rd Generation Installation 240v

    Hi All, I have recently purchased the 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat. I managed to wire the heatlink up replacing the old controller next to the boiler. The thermostat connects perfectly and this now runs smoothly and I can trigger the heating on and off wirelessly. My next task was to...
  6. eveares

    Are lead acid batteries made equal in quality.

    I need to get two new 7ah 12V Lead Acid batteries for my 1000va Belkin UPS as they are shot after 3.5 years of use. They clearly need replacing as the UPS just shuts of immediately on power loss and the batteries are very hot and slightly swollen out. Ones even resting around 6V. They are...