Lamps/transformer combo for 12v downlight in bathroom

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8 Jul 2013
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United Kingdom
I have a single 12v lamp over the shower in my bathroom. Lamp is a GU5.3 fitting. Lamp just blew after a couple years.

I've replaced all the other downlight lamps in the house with GU10 LEDs. This is the last halogen.

Up in the attic is a Tamlight EU-2060 box connected to the fitting (see attached photo) that says 20-60 VA. This is connected to the single downlight fitting. The last time the lamp blew about 2-3 years ago, I looked into LED GU5.3 bulbs, but it looked like I'd need to swap out the box to do it. Not because a single LED GU5.3 would be above the Max of 60W but because it would be below the minimum of 10W. So I just replaced it with a halogen lamp.

Now I'm trying to figure out if I can find an LED lamp that will work (maybe new products are available since last time). I don't really want to replace the blue box or fitting.

Can I get an LED lamp or should I stock up on halogen GU5.3 lamps?


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Depending what ZONE its in 240 volt may not be suitable.

You can get Transformers that Have Zero minimum load but there a bit hit and miss with 12 volt leds, if possible get a make that claims compatibility, usually listed on there websites, changing the transformers relatively easy.

There is lamps that claim to work with your existing, but dont always live up to expectations.
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It's the push in two pin fitting I'm looking for, commonly referred to as MR16, not the twist in fitting commonly referred to as GU10.

Happy to be told what the real name of the connection type is, but I'm really trying to find out if I can get lamps that are compatible with both existing transformer and fitting.
I have a transformer. I included a model number and photo.

All the references to "ignorant" people are a bit trollish.
I don't think he meant you.

Even the manufacturers use incorrect names which proves that they really are ignorant - in the true meaning of the word; not knowing.

They may as well call them GLS as they are not that either.
So if this is a switch mode power supply as you say (it doesn't say this on it either and most companies selling this refer to it as a transformer, so excuse my ignorance as a mere homeowner seeking some friendly advice) then LED lamps won't work? So either I switch out the box for something else or stock up on halogen GU5.3 lamps. Right?
Your conclusion just about covers it. In the long run the LED would be the better bet. Please understand that there are a couple of people here who are not here to help, but to score points about grammar and nomenclature, and long for a bygone age when words meant what they expected. Sorry, it is a bit off-putting , I know.

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