1. M

    2 gang trailing socket hardwired in place of 2 gang switched socket

    Dear all, I've seen this covered on other, older threads, but don't feel a full explanation has been offered around what is compliant with the regs, and what isn't. I would like to hardwire a two-gang trailing socket in place of a surface mounted two-gang switched socket that is on our...
  2. eveares

    BS1362 Dissmann Fuses - Genuine or Fake?

    Picked these up at a local corner shop. Never heard of Dissmann, but I guess there's many makers of compliant (and certainly not compliant) BS1362 fuses. What's your opinion on the Fuses below? Possible knock-off clone of Bussmann fuses? 1 by eveares posted 11 Sep 2016 at 9:47 PM 2 by eveares...
  3. P

    Can i use a 13A plug for a 3.6kW connected load combi microwave oven?

    Hi all , My beloved 10 year Neff B7740 combination micro , oven and grill died today because Neff have stopped stocking the left hook for the door ! It seems that 10 years ago there were a lot more appliances with 13A fused plugs but looking at the web and in store the trend is towards...
  4. D

    Electric 13AMP Fused Spur Melted!!

    Hi I have a 12sq m Electric underfloor heating mat rated at 200W per Sq Metre Total of 2400W. A quick check online calculator indicates 10AMPs. The feed to this spur is on 2.5mm electrical cable and is not part of a ring main. Its connected in the fuse box to a 32amp breaker. We also...
  5. eveares

    How many appliances have you got wired in 0.75mm² with a 13A fuse?

    I tend to find that quite a few appliances that I buy that are wire in 0.75mm² flex often come with a 13A fuse fitted. How many appliances have you got that are wired in 0.75mm² flex that have a 13A fuse in them? I will post back later with my answer.
  6. eveares

    Plugging plug in backwards in a trailing socket.

    Anyone care to repeat this, guess my trailing socket and/or plug must be defective. Not that much force was applied. Socket has got PMS 9128 written on it, plug has PMS 9248 written on it if any help for identifying the brands.