1. AdFromEssex

    Are these CH or HW pipes?

    Evening all. Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea what these pipes may be, please: House built c1905. Concrete floor (rest of the house has floorboards). These are within a kitchen cupboard that is against the party wall, roughly opposite the original kitchen back-door. The...
  2. D

    15mm Chrome plated copper pipe

    Is it ok? What's it like to solder? Can I put a compression fitting on it?
  3. D

    15mm tap end tails

    Hey everyone, I bought a few packs of these as they are supposed to be good for connecting flexible pipes to standard isolation valves. For the life of me I can't get the olive to tighten enough to create a water tight seal. I tighten it as was as I can and I've even tried putting some ptfe...
  4. T

    8mm copper to 15mm plastic connector. Possible?

    I have recently moved house and would like to move a radiator from a side wall, to one below the window as is more pleasing to the eye. I understand why it was not placed under the window, as my house is old and has concrete flooring so would be difficult when it comes to the pipework...
  5. C

    Is it OK to use push fit fittings ?

    Can you advise whether it's OK to use push fit fittings on 15mm copper pipe behind plasterboard and tiles when fitting a thermostatic bar shower please ? Normally I'd use Yorkshire soldered fittings but would like to use push fit in this instance if I can. Thanks
  6. robodelfy

    Kinked 15mm copper water pipe, is it ok?

    I just found this as I was doing the waste for my bath, it must have been like this for 10 or 20 years, but it doesn't look great to me Would this be something ok to leave as it is, or should it definitely be replaced with a straight coupler by a plumber?
  7. T

    Fitting for gas hob

    We are having a gas hob installed by a gas safe plumber on a labour only basis and I need to source something to connect to the 1/2" male thread on the hob to the pipework. I was under the impression that any 1/2" female fitting that will join to 15mm copper by solder or compression fitting...
  8. S

    What type of couplers are these?

    Hi, Probably a numpty question, but can anybody tell me what sort of connection or coupling is pictured below please. Background is, I've had to replace a leaking handbasin mixer tap in my downstairs WC. The new tap comes with a fixing kit and flexi tails. I'm planning on using a pipe...
  9. T

    Advice on rerouting pipes and reducing noise

    Hello, I will be refurbishing a 1960s house and am considering what aspects of the plumbing might need changing, there's a couple of points in particular I would appreciate advice with. Some of the pipework looks like it might be 50 years old, other bits look like they were changed more...
  10. M

    Non standard replacement trv head?

    Hello, I'm in the process of trying to find a replacement trv head for a radiator in a flat which is part of a district heating scheme. All the other radiators are connected by 15mm pipe and are m30 fittings, but this one is on 22mm pipe and an m30 fitting is too small. I can't be the only...
  11. M

    15 or 22mm for my Cold Mains? Water loop?

    Hi, I have just plumbed all of the Cold Water for my house. I have put in a new 15mm stop cock, pressure reducing valve, drain cock and then 15mm copper pipe with soldered joints to my Kitchen and then to my bathroom. I have done it ALL in 15mm, including up to the Bath taps etc. The reason...
  12. I

    Ways to prevent a slip coupler from slipping when soldering onto a vertical copper pipe?

    Any ideals on the best way to preventing a copper solder slip coupler from slipping down a vertical copper pipe while soldering please? The reason for the question is I need to remove a section of vertical copper pipe to install a solder tee fitting to branch off. The vertical pipe is clipped...