2 gang

  1. Jtdyson

    Old 2 Gang Light Switch Wiring

    Hi I have this lighting socket but it has no markings, does anyone have any idea what is L1,L2 and Com Many thanks J
  2. J

    Replacing 2 gang 1 way light switch

    Hello, I just wanted to check if my understand of the wiring is correct before I go on with the replacement of the switch. This is my current witch wiring: And this is the switch I will be replacing it with: If I got this right the wiring should look like this?: Thank you :)
  3. D

    Replacing 2-gang 1-way light switch with dimmer switch

    I'm trying to replace a 2-gang 1-way light switch with a dimmer switch. I've never replaced a switch before, hoped it would be straight-forward but I can't figure out the correct terminals to use for a 2 gang switch, all diagrams just show a 1 gang switch. If someone could let me know which...
  4. S

    2 Gang to 1 gang dimmer switch wiring advice

    I've been trawling about 25 threads for an answer to what I hope is a really simple question about how I replace a 2 gang switch, which currently controls two seperate hanging light fittings in my lounge, to a single dimmer switch. I don't want to control the lights independently any more as...
  5. C

    2 Gang switch in Garage - wiring seems strange

    Hi, the above image is the currently connected state of a 2 Gang switch which I believe was part of the old house alarm that has never worked and mostly been taken out. I was assuming that these two switches powered the internal PIRs, outside alarm boxes and an outside PIR. I was hoping to use...
  6. Mikeylaw81

    Old wiring to new smart switch (2 Gang)

    In my hall way I have a 2 gang switch where one controls outside light and the other the hallway light. Hallway light can also be controlled by a separate switch in the hallway too. I’m installing a smart switch where I’ve tried once and managed to have it connected and one light the Hallway...
  7. K

    Putting Time lag switch on 2 way circuit.

    Hello. I am a first time home buyer and looking to put a time lag switch on my downstairs hallway light. The light has two switches. One at the door and one at the foot of the stairs. The foot of the stairs switch is a 2 gang that controls the light at the top and the light at the bottom of...
  8. A

    Adding an outside light

    I have a (hopefully) simple question. In my lounge, I have a single light, controlled by two light switches (each switch at opposite ends of the room). Now, I want to add an outside light, and for it to be using the same power as the lighting in the lounge, as one of the lounge switches is on...