1. P

    Vaillant Turbomax plus 828e working intermittently

    I am hoping someone here can help - have looked through this very helpful forum and couldn't find a similar issue discussed. I have a Vaillant Turbomax plus 828E which works intermittently for both hot water and heating - it comes on sometimes and at other times it doesn't. From what I can tell...
  2. S

    Turbomax 828e Cycling hotwater and heating

    Hi All Got a problem with a turbomax boiler. Water cycles hot and cold and heating is cycling also. HW - goes cold for a couple of seconds. CH - From cold start will fire-up reach temperature on boiler and stay off for next 4min and then start gain. The temperature on the digital gauge drops...
  3. Jim Rat

    Valliant Turbomax Plus 828e intermittent F.22 NEW EASY FIX

    Hi Folks, Being a long time "sufferer" of the elusive Turbomax F22 Fault I've set up an account here just to post my as of yet seemingly un-published fix! Posting it here because over the years this site keeps popping up as the closest anyone's got to suggesting but rarely completely resolving...
  4. D

    Turbomax Plus 828e Hot Water issues

    Dear whoever can help.... I installed a full (18 feed, 4 story) radiator system into my own house 14 years ago. It’s a 1860 building ... I used the Vaillant turbomax 828e...Over the years I have replaced the pressure switch once, the fan assembly once and the PCB once due to a intruding slug...