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    Scantronic 9800 to 9651 conversion - open Zone

    Hi, due to a knackered keypad, I’ve tried to transfer an old 9800 system over to a newer 9651 system, for my parents. I’ve taken a global tamper approach and things are going OKish. I’ve powered up the system (linking the kick start pins etc) and I’ve assigned names to the 7 Zones (I’ve linked...
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    Scantronic / Cooper Security 9651 Entry & Exit Routes

    Hi all, Newbie here - I've moved into a house with a Scantronic 9651 alarm (and 9940 LCD Remote Keypad). The alarm has been set with the front door to the house as the entry and exit point. All sensors are downstairs. That works fine for when we leave the house, but if I set it a night when...
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    9651 switched off at the mains no codes Help!

    Just moved into new apartment and noticed the alarm is switched off at the mains and when I switch it on starts to bip. previous owner didn't left any access codes so I have no idea what to do with it to get it up and running?
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    Scantronic 9651 - cannot reset, Alarm Inactive error

    Hi, looking for some expert advice please as tearing my hair out... My Scantronic 9651 alarm will not arm because of an error on one of my PIR zones (the alarm went off last week). The panel shows the yellow triangle light. When I enter the user code and try to arm, I get the red spanner as...
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    Scantronic 9651 help (PIR issue, setup question etc..)

    I've recently taken the challenge of setting up the alarm properly and came across a few issues. Firstly the kitchen PIR (Zone 04) is apparently always open, everything works normally as in it flashes when you walk in front of it but I can't set the alarm unless I omit the zone. I changed the...