Scantronic 9800 to 9651 conversion - open Zone

21 Dec 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi, due to a knackered keypad, I’ve tried to transfer an old 9800 system over to a newer 9651 system, for my parents.

I’ve taken a global tamper approach and things are going OKish.

I’ve powered up the system (linking the kick start pins etc) and I’ve assigned names to the 7 Zones (I’ve linked out the 8th Zone).

There are no errors or warning lights on the keypad but when I go to set the system it says ‘Zone 5 open’.

I’m not sure how the Zones were previously set up (and no cables were labelled!) but it looks like Zone 5 are windows with shock sensors. I’m pretty sure in the 9800 system the shock sensors were set up to ‘OP1’ and 0V Aux (??) – does this sound feasible?

I’ve tried to replicate this approach on the 9651 system. However, on P.20 of the 9651 manual it shows the control unit panel outputs being wired up to the +12V Aux terminal. (I’ve put the shock sensor on OP3 as OP1 and 2 are taken up by the bell and strobe from the bell box).

Before switching wires over and just trying the +12V approach, could this be what’s giving me an open Zone?
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Shocks require a 12v aux feed, so should have a pair wired into the zone and a 12v feed from AUX
Thank you, T1GERIII.

Probably no surprise, but your comment is in-line with what the manual says! I will try re-wiring into 12V AUX. Would wiring into the 0V Aux give an 'open' Zone when trying to set the system?

Maybe I mis-labelled when I disconnected the 9800 system but is there any reason why on the 9800 system the shocks would have been wired into the OV Aux (and not the 12V)? If not, then I probably did just mis-label.
The 12v would have been through a relay to reset the vipers when the system is armed so you know which one has activated in the case of an alarm
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Thank you, Bigsoij. Sounds like I should re-wire into 12V (like the manual said!). I was just wondering if wiring into 0V would give an 'open' Zone.

On a related note...if I enter into installer mode, switch off the mains, remove the cover and disconnet the battery to re-wire into 12V - will the external bell sound?

(I'm just wondering if I need to bother the neighbour and ask to use his ladder again).
If the vipers have no power they will go open circuit. If you power the system down the bell will (should) sound. However i wouldnt bother for this purpose, just pull the aux fuse whilst u connect the wire in.
Screenshot_20211221-184521_Drive.jpg Screenshot_20211221-184641_Drive.jpg
This is how it should be set up
'If the vipers have no power they will go open circuit.' thank you, Bigsosij - hopefully that explains the issue that I'm seeing when trying to set the system.

'just pull the aux fuse whilst u connect the wire in' - so, for clarity, do you mean - enter installer mode, open the cover (with mains on) and just pull out the Aux fuse? From memory, I can't remember the position of the Aux fuse in the alarm box but I assume I can just disconnet the battery instead and then rewire?

As you can tell, I'm not a pro so for saftey, I'm thinking of borrowing the ladder, getting that set up and only then powering down the whole unit (mains and battery), then going up the ladder to disconnect the sounder, coming back down the ladder, rewire everything and then put everything back together. Sound like a plan?
It sounds like a long winded plan lol. You would only need to power the system down for a few seconds. the bell will stop when power is reinstated.
Thank you, Bigsosij.

you say 'only a few seconds', but all the 0V Auxs are wrapped together and I'll probably get all clumsy when trying to seperate the wires. I appreciate it does sound long-winded but I'm thinking of powering it down and taking my time to seperate the wires and rewire calmly. (I'll also open up the shocks and check that the wires match those in the box itself).

Thanks again for your thoughts and suggestions. I'll post tomorrow night with an update...
Did u catch the post above about how to wire it through an output for resetting the LEDs?
No, I'm not aware of the post, could you link it or give me its title?
If the vipers have no power they will go open circuit. If you power the system down the bell will (should) sound. However i wouldnt bother for this purpose, just pull the aux fuse whilst u connect the wire in.

no aux fuse to pull on a 9651, but I agree wouldn’t bother down powering you have two 12v aux outputs so should be plenty of room to get the cables in
Bit of an update...

Old set up
Viper terminal wiring as follows:
SET/UNSET (no wire) but linked to OV,
+ve (red wire to OP3 at control unit),
-ve (black wire to 0V AUX at control unit),
alarm (yellow and blue wires),
A/T (green and white wires).

As you'll remeber from above, initial probelm was 'Open zone' when I tried to set the system.

The plan was to swap the black wire to 12V AUX HOWEVER, following the schematic in the manual I wired

+ve VIPER terminal (red wire) to 12V AUX in the control panel and
-ve VIPER terminal (black wire) to OP3 in the control panel.

I can now set the system (yeah!) but as soon as the exit timer finishes the alarm triggers and points to this zone.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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