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    Scantronic 9800 to 9651 conversion - open Zone

    Hi, due to a knackered keypad, I’ve tried to transfer an old 9800 system over to a newer 9651 system, for my parents. I’ve taken a global tamper approach and things are going OKish. I’ve powered up the system (linking the kick start pins etc) and I’ve assigned names to the 7 Zones (I’ve linked...
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    9800 re-setup - PIR problems

    I've reconfigured this old Scantronics 9800 system following a system reset, having been unused for a few years. On a walk test - 3 of the PIRs illuminate OK ... but they don't set off the sounder. These 3 circuits are setup as AL (normal alarm). The 4th PIR works fine - this is setup as an...