1. S

    Thoughts on newer Scantronic EN, PD and I-ON panels?

    Seen some mixed opinions on the newer I-ON range of Scantronic panels - anyone willing to share some experiences working with them? The older panels like the 9651, 9853 were definitely the best, but what problems have people and with the newer panels (even ones like the newer 9651PD are...
  2. J

    Scantronic 9751 rewiring, house refurb

    Hi all, Hope I could pick your technical brains, I am a carpenter by trade however I have some limited and extended knowledge in other areas of construction work - alarm panels is one of those limited skills, by limited I mean no skills! I have a basic understanding of how alarm panels work...
  3. S

    Scantronic 9800 spy alarm fault

    Hello all. Have inherited a rather old Spy system in our new house and managed to hack through a Viper window sensor cable while moving a cupboard. I’ve gel Clipped them together but the keypad is showing a fault (currently rt due to too many attempts at resetting it!). I have powered down the...
  4. M

    Scantronic 9800 to 9651 conversion - open Zone

    Hi, due to a knackered keypad, I’ve tried to transfer an old 9800 system over to a newer 9651 system, for my parents. I’ve taken a global tamper approach and things are going OKish. I’ve powered up the system (linking the kick start pins etc) and I’ve assigned names to the 7 Zones (I’ve linked...
  5. M

    Scantronic / Cooper Security 9651 Entry & Exit Routes

    Hi all, Newbie here - I've moved into a house with a Scantronic 9651 alarm (and 9940 LCD Remote Keypad). The alarm has been set with the front door to the house as the entry and exit point. All sensors are downstairs. That works fine for when we leave the house, but if I set it a night when...
  6. C

    Scantronic 9800 house alarm Cooper 9651 replacement

    Hi all, I hope and trust you’re well during these difficult times. An elderly neighbour has an old Scantronic 9800 alarm which, due to worn digits on the keypad, has probably had its day. Her son has done a bit of research and ordered a Cooper/Scantronic 9651 system as a replacement – he...
  7. A

    Scantronic 9651 Zone Tamper

    Hi there, Could anybody please help I have a Scantronic 9651 control panel. Recently the alarm is displaying a Zone tamper which cycles through from 01 to 08. I have seen a Globel tamper before, but never a Zone tamper. What does this mean and what is the cause of this? Thanks
  8. L

    Scantronic 9651 - Deactivate?!

    Hello, I have a Scantronic 9651 alarm which is beeping and low battery sign showing. I had it replaced by an engineer 4 years ago but I never use the alarm and just want to deactivate the whole thing... is this possible Without an engineer call out?! Thank you.
  9. P

    Scantronic 9851 Unable to change part set/level

    Hi, I'm trying to modify the programming on an Scantronic 9851 where I have 12 Zones which spread over 4 part sets/levels (what exactly is the difference between set and level, both are mentioned in the manual without explanation). I'm able to see the zone configuration like e.g. '13: NA...
  10. HelplessStudent

    Scantronic 9427 help?

    I have recently moved into a property with a scantronic 9427 alarm. My flatmates and I have no clue how to use it and most manuals I've found online are installation manuals or have else been deleted. Our property management/landlord hasn't provided any help on the subject even though we’ve...
  11. L

    I-on40 RF Jamming

    Hello all, Problem when arming my I-on40 alarm in that several of the Wireless sensors reported RF jamming issues when the alarm was last set. From installation mode I tried to reset one of the shock sensors reporting rf jamming but this did not resolve the issue. In the end I removed the...
  12. P

    Scantronic 9448+ Alarm - We don't have a Zone 6 but now it lights up!

    Hi, I'm hoping there is a simple solution to this, which currently eludes me. We have an alarm with a Scantronic 9448+ keypad (our leaflet says 9448+ but the panel says 9427 but I think they're the same?). Following a power cut we now have a situation where the Zone 6 light comes on when you...
  13. F

    How to turn on scantronic 9427

    1504031510001108775198 by Fixxxer posted 29 Aug 2017 at 7:32 PM I've just bought a house with this alarm. I know the code, but no idea how to turn it on, and the previous owner is not contactable. Any idea how I turn it on going to bed at night? Thanks in advance!
  14. C

    Scantronic 816 Intruder Alarm - trying to escape ADT Tax

    Hi There, I have a alarm originally installed by ADT (came with my new house but i didn't want to pay ADT tax). when messing with some wiring i removed the end station lid and triggered an end station tamper alarm which i need the engineering code to reset. I tried the default in the user...
  15. B

    Scantronic 9651 - cannot reset, Alarm Inactive error

    Hi, looking for some expert advice please as tearing my hair out... My Scantronic 9651 alarm will not arm because of an error on one of my PIR zones (the alarm went off last week). The panel shows the yellow triangle light. When I enter the user code and try to arm, I get the red spanner as...
  16. B

    Scantronic 9448

    Hi Everyone... I've spent a good chunk of the day searching the forum but haven't come up with this one. I've just moved house and the property has an existing and very dated scantronic 9448 panel (I don't think its the plus variant) which hopefully I'll swap out for perhaps a G4 or similar...
  17. S

    Scantronic 9651 help (PIR issue, setup question etc..)

    I've recently taken the challenge of setting up the alarm properly and came across a few issues. Firstly the kitchen PIR (Zone 04) is apparently always open, everything works normally as in it flashes when you walk in front of it but I can't set the alarm unless I omit the zone. I changed the...
  18. M

    9800 re-setup - PIR problems

    I've reconfigured this old Scantronics 9800 system following a system reset, having been unused for a few years. On a walk test - 3 of the PIRs illuminate OK ... but they don't set off the sounder. These 3 circuits are setup as AL (normal alarm). The 4th PIR works fine - this is setup as an...