Scantronic 816 Intruder Alarm - trying to escape ADT Tax

21 Mar 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi There,

I have a alarm originally installed by ADT (came with my new house but i didn't want to pay ADT tax). when messing with some wiring i removed the end station lid and triggered an end station tamper alarm which i need the engineering code to reset. I tried the default in the user manual but it has obviously been changed by the ADT engineer to another code and they wont give it to me or come out to reset it unless i pay upwards of £300 call out fee.

I have the user reset so i can turn the alarm off if it triggers but i can no longer set the alarm until this tamper alarm is cleared using the engineer code. reading the manual, i can reset the engineer code to factory default without completely resetting the whole alarm by removing all power including the end station battery (which i have done) but i then need to short out two pins on a PCB that are labeled RST. problem is i cannot find the RST pins on the end station or on the keypad PCB having looked at both. The model is a 816 Hardwired Control Panel and here is a link to in instruction manual and the reset procedure is described on page 34.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

thanks in advance!
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The RST pins are on the control panel circuit board.
The manual link shows where the pins are
If you can not find RST pins are you sure you have the correct control panel ?
Post photo of control panel keypad or control panel pcb
Thanks for the fast response. Think I must be being an idiot. What page has the RST pins?
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Look at page 8 of the manual you have posted, there the re-set pins marked.

Doh! Many thanks both. Will have my next attempt on Saturday during the day to avoid disturbing the peace

Thanks again!!!
You will only need to do first stage reset
That will default user and engineer code only
Otherwise you will need to completely reprogram the system if you go any further.
Yes I only need first stage as I don't have a clue how to reprogram everything.

Thanks for the advice.
Actually one more question. I'm going to change my wooden front door for a double glazed unit sometime soon but the door has what I think is a circular magnetic trigger for the final exit trigger on the alarm. What options do I have to still allow the trigger to work once the double glazed doors installed?
You would have to remove the flush contact whist keeping the wiring intact and once your new door is fitted replace with a new surface type contact.

As always make note of wiring colours used & take a picture if needs be. It will make things easy when you go to refit.

Remember your get a tamper activation during these works which you'll have to silence & reset.

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