ADT alarm beeping in newly moved house

18 Dec 2011
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United Kingdom
(Reposting it as my whole post disappeared/deleted from the forum)

I had bought a property about 6 months ago which already have ADT alarm "Ademco Microtech Galaxy 8 Plus CP171" installed and was used by the previous owners. Obviously before they left, they unsubscribed from ADT(and didnt give me any code). Last week I had a ADT engineer visit and he offered that alarm is already installed and can be directly activated for monitoring (but No police calls) for 25 pounds per month with 3 years contract.

Yesterday night my 2 years kid randomly pressed some buttons and it started beeping showing "Alarm is active" on the keypad. I called ADT and they said either I have to subscribe with them or have to get the alarm ripped off from my local electrician or leave it the way it is. He told me a code to "mute" the alarm. So now its not beeping but still shows "Alarm is active" on the keypad.
I have following questions
1) Can I reset the alarm, assign a new code and use the alarm without paying ADT (ofcourse ADT will not monitor)?
2) How can I reset the code myself and how hard is it?
3) Surprisingly ADT the box fixed on the outside wall didnt make any noise. Is this normal? Engineer who I spoke to said good that it didnt go off as otherwise they had to send an engineer to stop it. So he said insider alarm must have triggered because of some invalid codes entered or power supply failure etc.
4) Is there any way I can configure this alarm system to call my mobile number? It is currently connected to the phone line and is perhaps configured to call ADT.
Thanks in advance
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I think the answers given on the other site more than cover this.

But to cover, it may be rental.
They use the monitoring rather then depend on a sounder.
No you cannot get it to call your mobile.

Wasnt this on another site too. All with the same answers?
The box may not have sounded due to the fact ADT in many cases only use a dummy box.

This is based on market research figures obtained by zurich insurance that 33% of alarms are ignored.
They therefore then jump to the conclusion that an external siren is not needed on that basis.

I see twisted logic here.
If 33% are ignored then surely 67% are NOT ignored - surely ADT should be fitting working sirens as a matter of course and claiming instead that nearly 70% of sirens will gain a local response.

The inference here is that because 33% of sirens are ignored what you really need is a monitored system.
If you choose this option you will have to provide the names of keyholders who will be notified if your alarm goes off.
They then will have to travel to your property to check it is safe.

Thats a big responsibility for your friends or neighbours and a 20minute appearance time gives a long time for someone to be well away before your friends or neighbours arrive. Do they want to tackle a theif anyway - have you chosen only people capable?
Of course your keyholders may be in town at the pictures visiting relatives etc etc so a 20 minute appearance may well be off the cards.

Now I am not against keyholders it is a great idea in theory but I would insist on an outside siren aswell - It could not harm could it and would make the intruders think a bit quicker about leaving the scene.

There is something else to consider too. Nowadays everyone uses a mobile phone. This has it's plusses and minuses.

I personally don't take every call exactly as it rings as I may be busy or driving and I know that I can call the number back from my missed calls list.
If the monitoring centre calls your keyholders what would happen?
What if your keyholders choose not to answer an unknown or unfamiliar number or pick it up some time later instead?

I prefer alarms that ring the homeowner directly - you would not ignore a call from your own house knowing noone was supposed to be in it would you?
Are you sure about the Zurich item?
There are other reasons ADT use an internal SAB rather than an external. I am sure they would be interested how you know how they plan their marketing.
Key holders are required for all systems, check that one out too. Also to be on a register at the local council. You will find the registration form at your councils website.
So if you`re not doing this your breaking local regulations.

What you prefer and what most want, and is required are slightly different.
If your going to give info, please ensure it is correct.
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It's on their website - they quote the percentage and attribute it to Zurich Insurance and the BBC.

My preference for alarms calling owners rather than keyholders does not affect the status or use of keyholders.With three numbers stored I would suggest owner-keyholder1-keyholder2.
ARCs and monitored systems have to call keyholders - non monitored alarms can be set to call whomever. (EXCEPT the police)
Key holders are required for all systems, check that one out too. Also to be on a register at the local council.
Required, you say?

I know that it Hampshire it is offered for bell-only systems, and when I looked at a London relation's arrangement, I think it was offered but on a chargeable-only basis.

Where is the requirement laid down?

local regulations.
do you mean by-laws?
Bylaws for the operation of an alarm system. And a regulation, please read deeper.
If your council does not, then that is their issue. The post indicated to check, as most require this. Up to you if the installers do not advise, shame that.

Yale, explain the difference between a monitored system and one not monitored.

How does a non monitored make a call?

Or do you mean a system which can report comms fails if one path fails. Still report?
Unlike a system you bleat about?

when you know what your up to, make comments.
In your local councils book of fun things to read when bored.
In the Appendix of the police form for newly installed systems.

May I ask why you do not know this already?
I don't claim to be an expert on alarms, nor do I say I am an alarm installer, no do I say I know the regulations.

You do.

You say you know a "requirement" and a "regulation"

If you know it, please share.
Links given already..........

Local Council and Police authorities!
I cannot give every link as it is Indigenous to each region .

Your just trying to be clever here, as another know noting about key holding and signalling requirements.

You want the regs word for word, buy them as we do.
Got a few hundred spare?

20 mins, having keys and fobs /tags is a brief assistance to your question.

As per your being argumentative in a forum you have no idea about.
How ................actually not worth finishing that any further.
well I've had a look already, and I found no regulation and no requirement.

For example:
"Since May 2003 Dial Media Group has operated a key holder database on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service and I am writing to inform you that this arrangement will not be continued beyond the forthcoming scheme renewal date of 22nd August 2007. This is due to the implementation of the Cleaner Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 which repealed the London Local Authority Act 1991. This determined that the responsibility for key holder registration and the maintenance of a database will be a decision for the local authority. Accordingly, it is for individual local authorities to decide whether they should operate such a database."

"The Metropolitan Police no longer maintain a register of keyholders, so we are compiling our own. While you are not obliged to provide nominated keyholders to us it is recommended that you do."

(note that this register is not for emergency call-out, it is for noise abatement to turn off alarms when the noise is irritating people)

and "(Hampshire Police) are inviting new or existing record holders to register their details"

I have had a look and I have been unable to find a regulation or a requirement.

You are convinced that there is a regulation and a requirement. You said "all"

Key holders are required for all systems, ... Also to be on a register at the local council.

So if you know of a requirement and a regulation, please share it.

You are pretending I am being argumentative. I'm just trying to find the truth. If you know the truth, how difficult can it be for you to show the evidence? keyholder registration form.pdf

Even if your details remain unchanged, you are required to submit a form within 12 months to re-confirm your existing details. and Alarms/keyholder-registration.htm

Your Dial media is a profitable non regulated body making money from the local requirements.
Of which your link is one.
Not the total search you pretend.

Certain forms are filled in and passed to the Police and Council provided by the alarm company for the end user to fill in.

The general control of statutory nuisance is contained in section 80. This provides that where a local
authority is satisfied that a statutory nuisance exists, or is likely to occur or recur, it is under a mandatory
duty to serve an abatement notice on the person responsible for the nuisance or, if that person cannot be
found, the owner or occupier of the premises on which the statutory nuisance is present.

This is another provision added by the CNEA 2005, in this case prompted largely by concerns about high-wattage security lighting

So strobe and security lighting.

The enforcement of a statutory nuisance is normally against the ‘person responsible’, which is defined in section 79(7) as being ‘the person to whose act, default or sufferance the nuisance is attributable’.

So that covers noise and strobe lighting.
Just with bylaws.
Not the total search you pretend.
Please try not to make things up like that.

I had a look at the Dorset site referenced by your Purbeck document, it says "If you have an intruder alarm, or are planning to have one fitted to your property, it is recommended that:
•You appoint two key holders who can act in your absence
•Alarms and key holders should be registered with the council"

so. a recommendation, not a requirement and not a regulation.

I also had a look at the Tayside Police website Systems and Alarms and I have not been able to find a reference to a regulation or a bylaw. Have you?

I looked at the "Secured by Design" document and I could not find a reference to a legal requirement by which householders having alarms are compelled to register with a police force or local authority. Can you find one?

I thought you were London based, isn't that right? Haven't you got a link to a bylaw in your own area?

I think it is fairly clear now that, certainly for sample areas that we have looked at, there are not regulations or requirements, so your use of the word "All" was incorrect and misleading.

for the avoidance of doubt, I wish to clarify that I am questioning the assertion you made here:

...Key holders are required for all systems, check that one out too. Also to be on a register at the local council. You will find the registration form at your councils website.
So if you`re not doing this your breaking local regulations.

although I completely agree when you say
...If your going to give info, please ensure it is correct.

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