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    LED Light Adapter

    Hi, I wonder if anybody can help me, I have tv cabinet led lights and they are no longer working. I believe it is this adapter has failed but can’t find a replacement anywhere. Des anybody have any ideas the name of it. Or where I can get a replacement from?
  2. P

    Inspection chamber adapter?

    I need to get a 110mm pipe into my existing inspection chamber. It was built in the 80's and there were apparently common around that time. I've removed a blank and chiselled concrete away but I'm just left with a hole in the plastic. The existing pipe has a nice adapter, but I have no idea...
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    Where to find adapters for vacuum cleaner to connect to power tools?

    Just recently purchased a Makita LS1018L and, although the dust-collection bag puts up a genuinely worthy fight with the sawdust, I've been out and purchased the Wickes wet-and-dry vacuum, as recommended in many places, in order to connect to it to help out (plus general tidy-up). I'm...
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    12V rgb wall ambient lighting

    Hi all, I was looking for a recommendation on wire and power supply and controller for the rgb smd light strips. I have in total just shy on 22m of what I believe is 5050 60led/m. I got them off ebay a good while ago and it came with 3 power adapters rated at 12v 5A (for 30M kit). Hence 1...