air lock

  1. D

    Boilermate Airlock Hot Water Loses Temperature

    I have a Boilermate A Class OV store and recently drained down to swap a radiator, after refilling the hot water goes cold after 30 seconds but if the tap flow is reduced the temperature rises. Central heating is fine What I’ve tried: I have swapped the boilermate DHW pump and heat exchanger...
  2. R

    Temperamental Hot Water Flow, Vented Cylinder

    Having ongoing problems with a lack of hot water flow from both ground and first floor taps - it’s a basic vented cylinder system, cylinder is fed from the cold water tank in an attic; all the cold taps upstairs and down off the mains, the attic cold tank appears to directly supply only the...
  3. P

    Grant Vortex Pro Combi 26 - Gurgling Air noise on Direct Hot Water side

    Hi All, I posted on this subject back in 2018 and never really got to the bottom of it! But I have an issue where air seems to be trapped in the heat store/exchanger on the hot water side of things. It fizzes and gurgles, knocks and bangs in various degrees of loudness and frequency. At the...
  4. digitalfire84

    Airlock? No hot water from pump in gravity fed system.

    Hi, I am not getting any hot water from my hot water taps/two showers which are fed from a water pump. It's a gravity fed system Hot water still coming from sources not linked to the pump (kitchen, bath, bathroom sink) No hot water in two showers or en-suite in attic room (hot water tap runs...
  5. Z

    Air stuck in central heating system

    I have air stuck in my hot water system which is characterised by a loud humming/vibrating noise coming from my hot water pump every 10-15 mins for about 3-4 mins at a time (presumeably as the pocket of air cycles around the system and hits the pump). I have tried bleeding all the radiators in...
  6. H

    OFCH water pump needs constant bleeding

    My water pump has started acting strange, it needs bleeding after every cycle of the burner. You can hear the water stop flowing and when you bled it there is hissing for a few seconds, after every cycle, then you hear the flow again What I've tried so far: bleed system where possible, plumber...
  7. rh2705

    Moved a rad but now it and 2 more are cold

    OK so here is what I have done. Put in pipework to new rad, drained down full system, moved rad to new location on adjacent wall Connected back up Re filled sealed system to 1 bar cold. From upstairs bled all rads Re filled loop to 1 bar as many times as necessary. Starting with moved rad bled...
  8. F

    Airlock from hell

    Hi all, I have a fully pumped open vented system which I believe has a very stubborn airlock and I have run out of ideas. The setup consists of a boiler which is a potterton profile 80e with a hot water cylinder, pump, 3 way valve, and f&e tank in the loft. I had to drain the system down as I...