Moved a rad but now it and 2 more are cold

10 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
OK so here is what I have done. Put in pipework to new rad, drained down full system, moved rad to new location on adjacent wall
Connected back up
Re filled sealed system to 1 bar cold.
From upstairs bled all rads
Re filled loop to 1 bar as many times as necessary.
Starting with moved rad bled remaining rads. Checked presure again.
Turned heating on - whole house fine except for moved rad and two others.
Checked all upstairs rad lockshields were at 1/4 turn - yup!
Checked zone valves in loft 3 of, one connected to pump one connected to HW coil in tank and one other. Flipped them all to manual - two of them had no resistance at all so assuming open already and the other one resistance was felt as I latched it open.
Checked pressure vessel with a quick press on the valve - yep thats air. Couldn't see any pipes set up to manually vent air.

If any of you kind gents have any suggestions I would love to hear from you.

Moving a rad eh? Who'd a thought it was anything but simple?

Oh and fully drained down again and carefully repeated the above and shut everyone down EXCEPT the moved rad. No joy :,-(

All help hints suggestions and advice gratefully received.


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Lockshields should be set to correct position to balance the system, 1/4 turn isn't a rule of thumb. There is a guide to balancing in the FAQ if needed.

Firstly though I'd shut off all the working rads, and see if this forces the water (and any air) into the non working rads. If this gets those working, open up the others again, and see what happens.
Thanks but on second drain down/refill this was the first thing I tried after bleeding of course... nothing doing
Try them one at a time. Theoretically, the pump has to send the water somewhere. (Make sure HW valve is closed.)

I'd check valves are operating, should power open, so if off, you'll have resistance on the levers.
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closing trv is all you need to do , once you adjust lockshield positions ( unless you return them to original positions ) you upset the balance of the system ,as earlier advised by hughjaleak

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