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  1. W

    Honeywell zone valve and auto mode

    Please help me! My building manager is losing patience and I don’t blame her. The plumber came to make sure my thermostat was working which he said it was and so i would not longer have to keep turning on my heating manually. He got it working via the thermostat again and closed up the...
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    Hi About 2 months ago we had a neat fitted and UFH with its own thermostat. The CH did work when it was first installed but with it being summer it was left unused. Now the Nest does not appear to be firing up the boiler. The green dot is on the heat link which means they're connected. The UFH...
  3. P

    Zone valve wiring

    [Firstly, apologies if this has been asked before or is answered elsewhere. I did search around but couldn't find anything.] The switch in one of my zone valves has started sticking again! (This seems to be a regular "feature" of my Drayton ZA5s! I end up replacing the switch every couple of...
  4. B

    Are my 2-Port Valve wired incorrectly? Kettling problem.

    Greetings all. I'm after a bit of advice as we have an issue with our HW kettling and on closer inspection the wiring on our 2-port Valves looks a little suspect to my untrained eye. Background: The house was built in 2001 and has an 'S' CH/HW System installed. If the HW is on and the CH is...
  5. D

    UFH wiring - no terminals for valve

    Evening all. Looking for some advice on a wet UFH install. I have a SCU209LED-TM wiring centre, which helpfully has no terminals for a 2 port valve (which is installed on the flow to the manifold). Link here:
  6. S

    2 port valve broken?!

    I've just checked one of my 2 port valves and I'm sure it's a gonner but just checking. If it's a full valve replacement will it need a system drain, is it DIYable and if not how much is it likely to cost to repair? Thank you
  7. W

    WD40 terror and zone valve

    Hi all, Drayton ZA5 valve seized the other day during this Corona lock down. Took off the actuator head and sprayed the tap itself with silicon lubricant, but no luck, still too hard to move with pliers. Only thing that freed it was WD40. I am now terrified the WD40 is gonna eat the seals...
  8. D

    2 port valve test

    Hi, I have a query regarding a honeywell 40003916-100 replacement zone valve head. It will be replacing a V4043H valve. The head has the 6th white wire which will not be needed as going on an S plan system. This is the first that I am changing and when carrying out a continuity test on the new...
  9. M

    Hot water from storage cylinder leeching into radiators ?

    Hot water coming out of the hot water storage cylinder into upstairs radiators after heating/HW turns off and running out of hot water in the mornings. I have a Glow Worm 24HX Condensing boiler on the ground floor with a pump in the same cupboard, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing...
  10. M

    hot water temperature problem

    I have a Glow Worm 24HX Condensing boiler on the ground floor with a pump in the same cupboard, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing cupboard upstairs (Kingspan 1500 x 450 grade 3, 162 Litre. cylinder) in the eaves area I have another pump (both pumps are Salus MP200 domestic circulating...
  11. M

    Does a Worcester Bosch 38CDI need wiring centre for 2 zones?

    Hello. Slight breakdown in communication between plumber, who installed a new 38CDI combi to power existing CH and HW, and builder who installed wet UFH and manifold ready to connect to the boiler pipework. "Old" part of house has 14 rads, new UFH loop in kitchen is about 150m long. Plumber...
  12. S

    Hive multi zone thermostat

    good morning. I’m after so information on wiring my Hives up. I’ve just bout the active heating and extra hive We have 2 thermostats to replace. In my current thermostat they only have 4 wire. L, N, E and a L when the heating is called (CH on?) I’ve put the wires to the corresponding pins...
  13. rh2705

    Moved a rad but now it and 2 more are cold

    OK so here is what I have done. Put in pipework to new rad, drained down full system, moved rad to new location on adjacent wall Connected back up Re filled sealed system to 1 bar cold. From upstairs bled all rads Re filled loop to 1 bar as many times as necessary. Starting with moved rad bled...
  14. R

    Boiler/ufh issue, please help

    I’ve had many engineers with no luck, please help! I am running a glow worm 30 HXI boiler, approx 3 years old. It is a three zone system - one zone is the underfloor heating consisting of 5 loops (approx. 35sqm room), another zone is the rads consisting of 7 rads (6 have TRV's) and the final...
  15. S

    New Hive Controller - Zone Valve issue

    Boiler: Greenstar 30CDI Hello, First post on here and hopeful of some assistance with my new Hive thermostat and controller. Pics included hopefully. I have a Greenstar 30 CDI conventional boiler. I have removed the room thermostat and previous programmer. There were only 4 wires going to...
  16. J

    Motorised zone valve mounted the wrong way round

    I have Drayton ZA5 zone valves for hot water and central heating in the house that we have just moved to. Things are not right because the boiler is cycling every minute. Measuring flow and return temperatures indicates that the problem is insufficent flow through the system. The plumber who...
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    Vaillant/Heatmiser wiring problem

    I have a Vaillant ecoTEC plus 630 system boiler supplying 4 central heating zones (3 radiator and one wet underfloor) and one unvented hot water cylinder. The system is controlled by a Heatmiser wiring centre linked wirelessly to 4 room thermostats/timers. When the heating is on and the hot...