1. U

    Patio solutions for low air brick and DPC

    Hi all, I am in the process of planning my garden and I have a bit of an issue which I am not sure how to resolve. I have 2 air bricks at the back of the house which are about 100mm from ground level (cement floor). I DPC is also not that much higher. (maybe another 20mm). Is there a way to...
  2. W

    Damp issue in 1900's building with strange ventilation setup

    Hi all First post here. I've searched around everywhere for someone with a similar set up to my place and found nothing so had to ask for myself. I have a ground floor flat of a converted pub built circa 1905 and converted in the mid 90's. It's solid brick wall construction, single glazed...
  3. A

    Airbrick position with ducting tube

    Hello all, I need some help and advice: A building control officer has recommended a builder to use 6" high timber frame joists to be used with 100mm insulation inside the frame as the proposed suspended timber frame joist of 4" high isn't strong enough for the underfloor heating, because of...
  4. Steve Biddy

    Upstairs airbrick causes penetrating damp?

    Image by Steve Biddy posted 15 May 2021 at 6:50 PMDear all I am worried about the seeming damp around an upstairs back bedroom air brick. It looks like maybe the water is coming through it. is there any way I can solve the problem without closing up the air brick?
  5. J

    Are my airbricks to close to ground?

    The airbricks (2) at the front of the house are sightly above ground level. When it rains heavily it smells slightly musty in living room by the window (where the airbricks are). Wondering if rain is going under the house. if they're too low, what methods should be used to rectify it? Please see...
  6. T

    Cavity tray above airbricks? Bifold above

    I am building a level threshold for my bifold on my extension, having an air brick Telescopic vent just below dpc, would clash with the insulation on my block and beam floor. My architect has detail a cavity tray above the air brick, even though there’s a bifold directly above it? Is this required?
  7. B

    Blocking Vent into Cavity Wall (w/Blocked Air Brick) - Advice Needed!

    Hi all, Just had our upstairs box room re-plastered - old vent taken off, so now an ugly hole into a void... it's a 1940s property - cavity wall - (filled with hay/straw?) and there is an air brick in there. The air brick appears to be blocked from the outside - can't see through it! - perhaps...
  8. D

    Need to add airbrick channel under solid concrete extension - HELP!!!

    Hi All, I have just bought an old 2 story singleskin (no cavity) mid-terraced house that has suspended wooden floors throughout. Ive been hacking away at the ungodly amount of renovations that need doing and come across one that has me stumped... A more recent extension has been built running...
  9. N

    New Rear Extension Application - Objection from Neighbour Re. Ventilation Openings on his extension

    We have submitted plans to build a new rear 4 metre extension to our mid-terrace house that is being opposed by our neighbour. The neighbour already has a 20 year old 4 metre rear extension built 300mm (12 inches) inside his property boundary. He has two ventilation openings (airbricks) on each...