alarm keypad

  1. jsyshaggy

    Texecom Keypad Constant ExitTone

    Hi, I've recently setup a Texecom Elite 64w with 4 wired zones wired directly into the panel (Hall (Z1), Front Room (Z2), Dining Room (Z3) & Kitchen (Z4)). There is a wired LCD Keypad in the Hall and a Remote Keypad in the garage (Z10), a wireless Q20 in the Office (Z9), two wireless Q20 in the...
  2. Z

    Challenger ap28 led meanings

    So I moved into this house a few years ago we have a challenger alarm which I’ve never used, got two panels them being challenger ap28 and then I think a challenger au1000 bell box outside. Over the past few years randomly the internal siren has went off a few times, but putting in the code...
  3. N

    Alarm help please!

    Hi there just moved into a house with a Eurosec CP8L house alarm. Today, the internal alarm sounded for no reason. Then went off. It now says “check” i put the code in and press “reset” and then it just goes off again and says “tamper” until i put the code in again and then back to “check”...
  4. S

    Eurosec CPX

    Hi, I have just removed my Eurosec CPX from the wall and rather than having just the one cable coming out the back there were 3. 1 connected to the key pad and then the other 2 cables with 2 wires each connected to the cable going into the keypad, any idea what these other 2 cables are doing?