alarm keypad


    Accenta 8 Mini how to remove second keypad.

    Hi All, Need some help identifying how to remove a second keypad from an accenta 8 mini alarm system. The tamper switch is completely broken inside it and we never use this keypad so just want to get rid of it. Problem is the tamper light stays on at the front door pad we want to keep and...
  2. jsyshaggy

    Texecom Keypad Constant ExitTone

    Hi, I've recently setup a Texecom Elite 64w with 4 wired zones wired directly into the panel (Hall (Z1), Front Room (Z2), Dining Room (Z3) & Kitchen (Z4)). There is a wired LCD Keypad in the Hall and a Remote Keypad in the garage (Z10), a wireless Q20 in the Office (Z9), two wireless Q20 in the...
  3. Z

    Challenger ap28 led meanings

    So I moved into this house a few years ago we have a challenger alarm which I’ve never used, got two panels them being challenger ap28 and then I think a challenger au1000 bell box outside. Over the past few years randomly the internal siren has went off a few times, but putting in the code...
  4. N

    Alarm help please!

    Hi there just moved into a house with a Eurosec CP8L house alarm. Today, the internal alarm sounded for no reason. Then went off. It now says “check” i put the code in and press “reset” and then it just goes off again and says “tamper” until i put the code in again and then back to “check”...
  5. S

    Eurosec CPX

    Hi, I have just removed my Eurosec CPX from the wall and rather than having just the one cable coming out the back there were 3. 1 connected to the key pad and then the other 2 cables with 2 wires each connected to the cable going into the keypad, any idea what these other 2 cables are doing?