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24 May 2022
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United Kingdom
I've recently setup a Texecom Elite 64w with 4 wired zones wired directly into the panel (Hall (Z1), Front Room (Z2), Dining Room (Z3) & Kitchen (Z4)). There is a wired LCD Keypad in the Hall and a Remote Keypad in the garage (Z10), a wireless Q20 in the Office (Z9), two wireless Q20 in the garage (Z12 & Z14) and a contact sensor on a utility door (Z13).

I've set up the following areas Perimeter (Area A inc Zones 13), House (Area B inc Zones 1,2,3,4,9), Garage (Area C inc Zones 12 & 14) and House excluding Kitchen (Area D inc Zones 1,3,4,9).

I also have area suites set up as Perimeter (Just Area A), House inc Garage (Areas A,B,C), Garage (Just Area C) and House exc Kitchen (Areas A, C, D).

I think I've got everything set up correctly but the problem I have is that the garage keypad has a different sounding tone in that it has an alternating beep when I set the alarm but the wired keypad has a constant dull tone. How do I get the wired keypad to mimic the sound of the wireless keypad with a beep-beep-beep instead of a beeeeeeeeeeeep.

Thanks in advance
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Beep beep means a zone is open ….eg a detectors in the garage
constant beep means all is clear ….so there is probably no detector near the hall keypad ?
Keypad assigned to a zone - presumably it's wireless?

Press Yes and Menu together and turn off powersave mode. That'll give you the normal exit tones and the expense of a slightly reduced battery life.
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The keypad which is making the long dull beep is wired, the wireless keypads beeps intermittently. Incidentally the old system was a Texecom Veritas R8 with a wired keypad and that beeped intermittently which is why I’m expecting this one too
The Veritas and Premiers have different entry/exit tones.

The wired keypad is the normal / correct tone.

The wireless one beeping intermittently is a power saving feature. Switch off the power saving mode and you'll see what I mean. It'll sound the same as the wired pad.
Veritas keypads are not compatible with elite panels they don't behave identically either.

Also sounds like you have a complicated set up, not convinced its the right way to go.
Area Arm suites whilst can be useful were not really designed for a few zones in a house.
Secondly you shouldn't be sharing zones to Areas, so if zone 1,3,4 is in area B that shouldn't also be in Area D. Only one zone should be assigned
to one area not multiple areras.
I split out the zones last night so they are independent after reading about sharing not working unless both areas were armed and I’ll use omits instead to exclude the kitchen. In the manual I thought it said the area suites were ideal for a domestic environment?
The keypads I’m using are elite keypads but my point is that the R8 keypad and the wireless elite keypad sounded the same but this wired elite keypad has a tone of its own.
If it works then I shouldn't knock it but when you said you think you have everything setup correctly I could see that you hadn't got it setup correctly.

As for area arm suites not convinced that is the right way to go on a 10 zone domestic alarm systems, 4 suites and only two keypads. Again it may work for you but seems a little odd to me. It affects how the part arm button works too which confuses some.

As for the tones the manual does state that the tones are different due to power saver mode, it doesn't state how they change or how it affects battery life going one way or the other,
It was like that before there was any wireless peripherals connected - it just seems odd to me that the old keypad sounded like other alarms I’ve heard as does the new wireless keypad but the wired one doesn’t. Like you say I shouldn’t complain if it works but someone else posted on here about the same problem (posting a video) and I couldn’t figure out the reply which seemed to fix it leading me to believe there was a setting somewhere and my OCD kicks in.

The end goals I was looking for were
1) being able to arm the garage on its own
2) being able to arm the perimeter & garage when we are in the house e.g. in the evening if we’ve left a door unlocked
3) arm everything at night
4) arm everything exc the kitchen with the dog in

I bought the system with P15 PIRs but it came with “upgraded” q20 PIRs which I later found out only cover upto 20kg animals and ours is 25kg so where I wanted to arm the whole house I now can’t without excluding the kitchen.

I also wanted a connected system to get alerts on the phones and be able to arm/disarm if we are out though the app also seems very hit or miss especially with recipes.
my first question to you would be if you turn the power saving mode off on the wireless keypad does it behave the same as already suggested?

My issue here is I can’t hear your tones or see your keypads response so I can not be certain if you have a real issue or not.

I can’t be certain your programming of the panel is correct based on information posted so far.

recipes not sure what your getting at With them and notifications.

if the recipe arms the system or part thereof then if it is already armed the recipe wont do anything so no notification.

android phones have battery saving issues for apps meaning that unless you make sure the app wakes up on receiving a notification, about 20 minutes after logging off notifications stop coming through. With iPhones this isn’t the case.
again without going into specifics can’t say much more on these specific problems still with notifications after dealing with the battery saving on android will require Texecom input or your phone manufacturer to resolve.

not a fan of petwise detectors and at least the captures allow normal and petwise modes. The reason I am not a fan is they are designed to ignore things, the bigger the pet you want it to ignore less effective the sensor is at detecting people. Pets getting up on to worktops etc will trigger them anyway.
Quiet for a little while because my day job took priority.

Pleased to say after a few resets and some random odd behaviour I got it working with part arms instead.

After using pretty much every setting during my exploration of the system I can whole heartedly exclaim that the app does not work well with areas at all.

Tomorrow I shall reconnect the battery on the external sounder and it's done.

Thanks for the pointers
don’t have enough information to comment accurately on what you have tried/ wanted etc, however I expect the issue is between knowledge capability and your expectations based on your first post of this thread.

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